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Title Publication date
Irish babies adopted in US faced ‘lottery’ of heartache 2014 Sep 18
Adoption disruptions a secretive, misunderstood trend 2014 Sep 9
International adoptions: Kids older, have special needs 2013 Oct 30
Lawmakers demand stop to parents giving away adopted kids on internet 2013 Oct 20
Why I Supported the Adoption “Rehoming” Group That Yahoo and Reuters Shut Down 2013 Sep 11
Where's the post-adoption support for traumatised children? 2013 Jun 24
The Evangelical Christian adoption movement: The orphan crisis that wasn't 2013 May 1
The Dark, Sad Side of Domestic Adoption 2013 Apr 30
Fatigue, Unmet Expectations Tied to Post-Adoption Blues 2013 Apr 7
Sadistic methods of raising children absolutely normal in US 2013 Jan 30
Depression besets adoptive mother soon after baby’s arrival 2013 Jan 8
I-Team investigates international adoption facilitator 2012 Nov 20
Report slams Wash. adoption system 2012 Oct 23
Ban on US-Russian Adoptions Would Have ‘Dire Consequences,’ Say Experts 2012 Oct 22
Russian lawyers slam Russian child abuse in US 2012 Oct 16
Russian-To-Russian Adoption Booms, But With Too Many Sad Endings 2012 Oct 8
Adoption Subsidies: A Great Investment for Kids Who Need Families 2012 Sep 25
Changed landscape of overseas adoptions 2012 Sep 11
It takes more than love: What happens when adoption fails 2012 Aug 1
Adoption and Parenticide: Seeking Truth and Justice 2012 Jul 24
Judge upholds child support in Russian adoption 2012 Jul 14
Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Joyce Maynard Announces Failure of Her Adoptive Family 2012 Apr 4
Wooden spoon discipline a threat to adoption by couple 2011 Dec 26
Twice-abandoned triplets know Russian boy's pain 2011 Dec 4
Family friends tell of concern before adopted Wilson girl died 2011 Dec 1
Russians unlikely to succeed in bid for new Craver trial, attorneys say 2011 Nov 21
Can Adoption Lead to Child Abuse? 2011 Nov 9
Hearing set for mom who returned son to Russia 2011 Oct 26
Pa. parents guilty in death of adopted Russian boy 2011 Sep 22
How to care for the traumatized child 2011 Sep 20
For Adoptive Parents, Questions Without Answers 2011 Sep 16
American foster parents to pay alimony for rejected kids 2011 Jul 27
Putin calls for compulsory training for adoptive parents 2011 Jul 21
Chinese Children Born Outside One-Child Policy Trafficked Abroad 2011 Jun 1
On GuatAdopt’s “On Susana, CICIG, and the Senator” 2011 May 19
Internal Revenue Service failed to pay refunds for adoption credits on tax returns, families say 2011 Apr 14
New adoption scandal blows up over Russian boy left in Caribbean 2010 Apr 15
No Evidence of Foul Play in Casey Johnson Death 2010 Jan 5
Trafficking reports raise heart-wrenching questions for adoptive parents 2009 Nov 11
Two of 11 'caged kids' sue former parents for their abuse 2009 Oct 23
Adoptive parents aren't second best 2009 Oct 9
Some adoption specialists spew misinformation 2009 Sep 12
Real life: What makes a good adoptive parent? 2009 Jun 8
Woman Charged With Buying Baby 2009 Feb 21
Bill aims to simplify, speed up interstate adoptions 2009 Jan 22
What happened to Adam? 2009 Jan 5
Hoosiers face challenges adopting abroad 2008 Dec 26
Adoption Age Requirements 2008 Jul 30
Adoption Language: Forever Families 2008 May 25
Adoptive Parent Preparation Project 2008 Feb 8
Infant/Child Response to Grief 2007 Aug 5
Who Adopts? 2007 Feb 16
What are we, Human Mutual-Funds? 2007 Feb 14
A story of adoption 2005 Dec 21
re-home-ing 2004 Nov 15
International Adoptions: A New Route For Gays 1998 Jan 1
Adoptive Parents: Fables, Facts, Fears
Children of a dirty war
Orphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed
Three Destructive Mindsets of Adoptive Parents