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Nineth Annual Demons of Adoption Awards


For the nineth time in succession, Pound Pup Legacy asks its readers to make a tough decision, and decide who will become this year's recipient of the annual Demons of Adoption Award.

Each candidate was nominated by readers of our website, and all were nominated more than once.

Sick and tired of watching that disgusting love-fest the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute pulled off with their annual Angel in Adoption Award TM, Pound Pup Legacy decided to raise awareness about the wrong doings in Adoptionland, and introduced the annual Demons of Adoption Award, in 2007.

Over the years many deserving candidates have received the award, although none have ever publicly acknowledged that.

This year, another batch of deserving nominees have been suggested by our readers, and we hope by offering the chance to decide who is the worst in Adoptionland this year, we can raise more awareness about the dark side of adoption and the negligent and corrupt practices we so often encounter.

The nominees for this year's edition are:

Nominee Reason Nomination
Rep. Justin Harris For  rehoming his two adopted daughters to another family where one of them was later sexually abused.
Trio Solutions their role in meddling in adoption cases and using the weight and cost of an entire Public Relations team to target poorer, less social media savvy birth families.
Donna Ames For her involvement in the Kimberly Rossler case.
Families of DRC children For risking their children's safety and flaunt the law by smuggling adopted children across the DRC border.
Wasatch International 2nd Chance Adoptions For posting private information online about children they help rehome.
Nancy Thomas for promoting the abusive treatment of foster and adopted children and selling it as "attachment therapy"
The U. S. Government For failing to address the 9 percent of Korean adoptees--more than 15,000 people--who were not granted automatic citizenship upon arrival and ought to be declared, retroactively, U.S. citizens.
Who should receive the Demons in Adoption Award 2015?
17% (49 votes)
18% (52 votes)
49% (144 votes)
2% (5 votes)
2% (5 votes)
4% (11 votes)
9% (26 votes)