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Eighth Annual Demons of Adoption Awards


For the eighth time in succession, Pound Pup Legacy asks its readers to make a tough decision, and decide who will become this year's recipient of the annual Demons of Adoption Award.

All candidates have been nominated by readers of our website, and some were nominated more than once.

Sick and tired of watching that disgusting love-fest the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute pulled off with their annual Angel in Adoption Award


, Pound Pup Legacy decided to raise awareness about the wrong doings in Adoptionland, and introduced the annual Demons of Adoption Award, in 2007.

Over the years many deserving candidates have received the award, although none have ever publicly acknowledged that.

This year, another batch of deserving nominees have been suggested by our readers, and we hope by offering the chance to decide who is the worst in Adoptionland this year, we can raise more awareness about the dark side of adoption and the negligent and corrupt practices we so often encounter.

The nominees for this year's edition are:

Nominee Reason Nomination
Adoption by Gentle Care their handling of the Carri Stearns case
Both Ends Burning Campaign their relentless campaign for easy adoptions
Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)
promoting  beliefs on attachment that radically depart from the field of science-based child development
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) their duplicitous role in forwarding the CHIFF agenda
Katherine Jay distorting the reality of adoption with every post to  in her blog Children Deserve Families
Michael A. Nomura his highly dubious handling of Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children paperwork out of Oklahoma
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life their attempts to block passage of Adoptee Rights legislation through donations to legislative campaigns
Trio Solutions their role in meddling in adoption cases and using the weight and cost of an entire Public Relations team to target poorer, less social media savvy birth families.
Trish Maskew her dubious past as board member Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) and founder industry funded watch dog Ethica, Inc., while now serving of head of adoption at the U.S. State Department
Who should receive the Demons in Adoption Award 2014?
53% (453 votes)
4% (36 votes)
1% (12 votes)
4% (36 votes)
2% (21 votes)
2% (13 votes)
2% (17 votes)
26% (220 votes)
5% (47 votes)