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Pavel Astakhov



Title Publication date
Astakhov confirms commitment to ban adoption of Russian children for U.S. citizens 2013 Sep 23
Russian Children’s Ombudsman Campaigns Against Foreign Adoptions Case By Case 2013 Feb 20
Eureka ranch at center of debate over adoption of Russian children 2013 Jan 12
Putin signs bill barring adoptions of Russian children by Americans 2012 Dec 28
Russian society split over bill set to ban US adoptions 2012 Dec 19
Russia Votes to Ban All Adoptions by Americans 2012 Dec 19
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
State asks judge to rein in Eureka ranch for troubled Russian kids 2012 Dec 3
Ban on US-Russian Adoptions Would Have ‘Dire Consequences,’ Say Experts 2012 Oct 22
Russian lawyers slam Russian child abuse in US 2012 Oct 16
Russian Officials Want Access to Ranch Where They Claim U.S. Parents Reportedly 'Dump Unwanted Kids' 2012 Sep 22
Russian Government Faces off with Eureka Adoption Ranch 2012 Aug 2
Eureka ranch for Russian orphans denied state license 2012 Jul 19
Eureka ranch becomes focus of Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Duma to Debate Russia-U.S. Adoption Deal 2012 Mar 30
Woman abandons adopted twins in freezing temps, warrant issued 2012 Mar 13
Pavel Astakhov: Russia with no orphans - such it will be 2011 Dec 29
Russia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US 2011 Dec 11
American foster parents to pay alimony for rejected kids 2011 Jul 27
The Most Vulnerable Citizens 2011 Jul 26
Russia, US agree on safe adoption rules 2011 Jul 14
Russia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman 2011 Jun 22
Raped Russian orphan to be isolated at children's rancho in USA 2011 Jun 20
Russian ombudsman investigates another adopted child abuse case 2011 Jan 22
Russia to seek adoption payment, annulment 2011 Jan 18
Russian child ombudsman does not rule out possible U.S. adoption freeze 2010 Nov 12
Children are not commodity 2010 Aug 24
Who Will Write the End to Russian Orphan's Story? 2010 Jul 2
Returned Russian Adoptee Celebrates 8th Birthday 2010 Apr 16
New adoption scandal blows up over Russian boy left in Caribbean 2010 Apr 15
Mother in Adoption Scandal Was Trying for Second Child 2010 Apr 13
American parents send adopted 7-year-old back to Russia – by himself 2010 Apr 8
Russian officials call for suspension of adoptions to U.S. parents after death of Dillsburg-area boy 2010 Mar 5
Child Adoption and Graft Top U.S.-Russian Talks 2010 Jan 29