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Residential treatment center


Abuse cases

Title Date
Ranch for Kids case 2019 Jul


Title Publication date
Montana complaint against adoption agency has ties to ranch accused of abuse 2021 Apr 19
Lincoln County Won't Charge Youth Home Over Abuse Allegations 2021 Mar 23
Montana's Ranch for Kids permanently loses license over abuse, neglect of participants 2020 Dec 9
After Multiple Abuse Allegations, Ranch For Kids Permanently Loses License 2019 Dec 9
Health Department Finalizes New Rules For Private Youth Therapeutic Programs 2019 Nov 13
Lawsuit: Montana program abused, exploited troubled youth 2019 Oct 8
Ranch For Kids Faces Additional Abuse Charges 2019 Oct 8
Ranch For Kids License Remains Suspended Pending Hearing 2019 Sep 13
New Regulations For Youth Treatment Programs Receive Mixed Feedback 2019 Sep 12
State Health Department Crafts New Rules For Private Therapeutic Homes 2019 Aug 23
Some Children Removed From 'Ranch For Kids' Remain In State Custody 2019 Aug 16
Ranch For Kids Appeals License Suspension 2019 Aug 6
Ranch For Kids Appeals License Suspension 2019 Aug 6
Ranch for Kids: Oklahoma mother struggles to find what's next for her son 2019 Jul 30
Former Ranch kids describe tough treatment 2019 Jul 29
A new day for state's troubled teen industry; allegations against Ranch for Kids span a decade 2019 Jul 28
Parents of some Ranch for Kids students 'didn’t even know who to call' 2019 Jul 28
Moms angry over how state removed children from Ranch for Kids 2019 Jul 26
Ranch for Kids director wants to reopen 2019 Jul 24
Defiant Ranch for Kids head vows to fight 'deceptive' state action 2019 Jul 24
Relief that Ranch for Kids' residents are free from 'hell' 2019 Jul 24
Ranch For Kids Director Defends Staff Amid Abuse Allegations 2019 Jul 24
Citing Abuse, Health Department Removes Children From Ranch For Kids 2019 Jul 23
'Hit, kicked ... spit on': Montana alleges abuse, removes kids from private youth program 2019 Jul 23
State Removes 27 Children from Ranch for Kids Amid Allegations of Abuse 2019 Jul 23
Head of MT board regulating programs for troubled teens open to increased transparency 2019 Feb 9
Montana isn't alone in failure to beef up regulations of programs for troubled teens 2019 Jan 27
Former students describe isolation, physical punishments, 'cuddle puddles' 2019 Jan 24
Montana religious programs for troubled teens operate with no oversight 2019 Jan 24
12 years, 58 complaints, no sanctions at Montana residential programs 2019 Jan 22
'Fox guards henhouse' in Montana programs for troubled teens 2019 Jan 22
Re-homing victim: ‘I could have been dead’ 2014 Mar 21
Judge orders Eureka ranch for adopted kids to be licensed 2013 Mar 28
State seeks injunction against Eureka ranch for adopted Russian children 2013 Mar 19
Judge says Eureka ranch for troubled foreign kids needs license 2013 Feb 6
Eureka ranch at center of debate over adoption of Russian children 2013 Jan 12
State asks judge to rein in Eureka ranch for troubled Russian kids 2012 Dec 3
Russian Officials Want Access to Ranch Where They Claim U.S. Parents Reportedly 'Dump Unwanted Kids' 2012 Sep 22
Russian Government Faces off with Eureka Adoption Ranch 2012 Aug 2
Eureka ranch for Russian orphans denied state license 2012 Jul 19
Eureka ranch becomes focus of Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Eureka ranch gives children, many abandoned in Russia, second chance 2012 Feb 4
Raped Russian orphan to be isolated at children's rancho in USA 2011 Jun 20
Po Leung Kuk - intercountry adoptions 2009 Oct 20
List of agencies with missing Russian post placement reports 2009 Jan 25
For troubled adoptees, a last stop 2008 Jan 20
Ranch for Troubled Adoptees 2008 Jan 6
When Adoption Goes Wrong 2007 Dec 17
Vista del Mar IRS-990 2005, 2006, 2007 2007 Jun 30
Internet adoption a tangled web of hope and fear 2001 Mar 11
Reaching Johnny