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Children Concerned, Inc

2005 Jan 1
Children Concerned Inc became Amazing Grace Africa Ministries

Adoptions were facilitated through ACFI through mid 2007, then families were referred to Angel's Haven

Children Concerned is a not for profit organization, affiliated with ACFI (African Christians Fellowship International). Our goal is to raise awareness about the orphaned children of Liberia, and assist Christian families that express interest in Liberian adoptions or sponsorship.

We were started at the request of Reverend T. Edward Kofi, founder and President of ACFI. Reverend Kofi asked us, "We need you to partner with us to rebuild Liberia. It starts with the children."

Tom Zackey with Sammi at the deaf home
The largest orphanage we are working with right now is the Daniel Hoover Children's Home in Monrovia, Liberia run by ACFI. There are nearly 500 children there. Our priorities are to keep the children supplied with food and supplies for school. But most of all we want to help however we can to fulfill their ultimate dream of a home and family, or at least a sponsor to provide for their necessities.

It's All About The Children.

Amazing Grace, AFRICA originally began as Children Concerned, Inc. in 2005. It was started by the Zackey family after they witnessed firsthand the devastation in Africa, particularly Liberia. They worked with Liberian orphans/orphanages from 2005-2008 and in 2009 reorganized the ministry, renaming it Amazing Grace, AFRICA knowing that God’s heart was for what the prophet Isaiah said in Isaiah 58, particularly verse 7. The ministry has expanded beyond simply orphans to include ministering to the needs of the fatherless, the widows, prisoners, families and communities in Liberia; but the larger purpose of their ministry is to positively affect the American church to get involved in caring for the widow, poor, prisoners and fatherless. They travel regularly and speak in American churches, schools, to civic groups and youth groups; sharing their stories and songs. The Zackeys are working on telling their story in book form; due out in …2010, and the African children have just completed a CD of songs from their native countries entitled, “Tears in My Eyes." Contact DivideYourBread@AmazingGraceAfrica.com for info on how to order.

“We saw how affected the children were from the destruction the war left behind, and how urgent the need was for poor widows and families to have help surviving. Many exist in conditions that they have no power to change – but we can help them! We have committed ourselves; this is our life’s work. It is what God has called us to do.

We believe there is an urgent need to provide assistance to improve the conditions of the orphaned children. and to promote the love of Christ and share the gospel to the nations. ”

The Zackey family consists of Tom and Candy, and their 17 children. 9 are biological, 2 are from the nation of Sierra Leone and 6 are from Liberia. They call Newstead, NY their home when they are not in Africa; and run the ministry from there, along with continuing to home educate their children.

Four of their adult children – Jack, Rachel, Chelsea and Hannah have graduated from Home Education and are pursuing higher learning in Organizational Leadership, Nursing, Social Work and Deaf Interpreting. The thirteen other children are still learning at home and preparing for their futures.

Amazing Grace, AFRICA Ministries, Inc.
11973 Stage Road Akron, NY 14001
Amazing Grace, AFRICA
US phone: 716.542.5450

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