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Fifth Annual Demons of Adoption Awards


Every year the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute(CCAI) organizes a gala where Members of Congress can give an Angel in Adoption Award TM to constituents of their state or district who have been advocates for adoption.

Originally intended to champion the adoption of children from foster care, the Angels in Adoption Awards have grown into an adoption industry love-fest, awarding adoption attorney's, directors of adoption agencies and other representatives of the adoption industry.

Many of the recipients of the Angels in Adoption Awards have nothing to do with adoption from foster care, and their main achievement is making a sound business out of the commerce in children.

In 2007 Pound Pup Legacy instituted the annual Demons of Adoption Awards to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards.

For the fifth year in succession, PPL presents the nominees for our annual Demons of Adoption Awards. Let the voting begin.

Readers can cast their votes by following this link

The Adoption Industry

, while claiming to be a noble institution that finds families for children in need, resembles much more a commercial enterprise than a social service. Lawyers and agency directors make very handsome salaries over the misery of other people, exploiting the needs of vulnerable mother's, the desires of prospective adopters and the dependency of small children.

Unethical business practices are all too common in the field of adoption. Improper screening of prospective adopters, forging of paper work, coercive relinquishment and violations of father's rights happen on a daily basis.

Some of this year's most serious offenders include:

A Act of Love Adoption Agency for purposefully finding ways to circumvent father's consent,
Adoption by Gentle Care for keeping a young boy (Thad Wyrembek aka Grayson Vaughn) from his biological father
Lifetime Adoption for predating on vulnerable pregnant women
Adoptions by Shepherd Care for coercive domestic adoptions out of Florida
Celebrate Children International for their association with Guatemalan kidnapping cases
Susana Luarca for her involvement in Guatemalan kidnapping cases
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for running one of the largest baby peddling rings in the world
5% (27 votes)
7% (41 votes)
3% (16 votes)
0% (1 votes)
2% (9 votes)
7% (41 votes)
15% (82 votes)

What and where would the multi-billion dollar international adoption industry be without dedicated advocates and promoters? The mouth-pieces of the adoption industry play a very important role, as these are the names, faces, and voices that reach the public, thanks to the internet and much help from local and national media. Unfortunately, the powerful adoption lobby and its acolytes can be found almost on a daily basis in various media formats, covering-up (and down-playing) the many ethical concerns that exist in recent and current day adoption practices.

The end result is a dis-service to many as these reports and focus-points are often limited portrayals of the adoption experience, as they really exist for so many touched - and harmed - by adoption. Nominees for the most myopic and misleading

mouth-pieces in Adoptionland


Both Ends Burning for their reckless approach to expand the business of adoption
Adam Pertman for claiming to be a critic of the adoption system, while at the same time promoting the interest of the adoption industry
adoption.com for censoring all valid criticism towards the adoption industry
Dr. Jane Aronson for fiercely promoting adoption while being entirely blind towards unethical practices
Elizabeth Bartholet for recklessly promoting inter-country adoption even in the face of child trafficking and adoption fraud.
2% (11 votes)
4% (25 votes)
9% (50 votes)
5% (26 votes)
11% (60 votes)
Adoption regulators

should in principle provide the legislation to keep the adoption industry honest. Unfortunately more often than not, legislators see lax adoption regulation as a means to pander to their constituents. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute is a prime example of the incestuous relationship between the adoption industry and legislators.

Without proper oversight, adoption has become a government sanctioned form of baby brokering, where children are sold to the highest bidder, without considering the suitability of the adopting family.

This year's most notably negligent regulators are:

U.S. Department of State for its prolonged silence in the on-going Guatemalan adoption-kidnapping cases
Senator Mary Landrieu for ignoring all ethics concerns regarding adoption and promoting the business interest of the adoption industry in congress
The State of Utah for their draconian adoption laws, especially with regards to father's rights
Florida Department of Children & Families for their lack of monitoring in the Nubia and Victor Barahona case, and for allowing some of the most unethical agencies to set up shop in the State of Florida
5% (27 votes)
9% (53 votes)
14% (77 votes)
3% (14 votes)