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Update: New information released on Dubois Co. pair accused of locking child in 'closet cage'


HUNTINGBURG, IN (WFIE) - A Huntingburg dentist is accused of repeatedly locking a child in what authorities called a "closet cage."

According to the Dubois County Sheriff's Office, around 10:40 Wednesday morning, deputies responded to a call about a juvenile that was out of control at a home in the 5000 block of W Co Rd 700 S.

The responding deputies talked to the juvenile and then requested assistance from the children services. After the social workers talked to the juvenile, the sheriff's office said a search warrant for the home was granted.

The father of the juvenile, 57-year-old Dr. Alan P. Friz, DDS, was arrested on charges of criminal confinement and neglect of a dependent.

Aimee Friz, the wife of the man accused of locking his child in a closet, was also arrested and charged with the same charges.

We acquired the Friz' affidavits and the report said police originally came to their home because of a call about a girl with mental disabilities acting out of control and making threats.

The report explained the girl told police she somehow ended up punching her grandfather after he took a ball away from her.

Court documents say the girl's mom, Aimee Friz, who is pregnant, told investigators the girl threatened to kill her and her unborn child.

The girl told investigators she also ran away from home back in July. She ran three miles to a neighbors house.

She also said she was locked in a cage at night and let back out in the morning.

The girl said she was allowed to be out on the property as long as her mom was home. Otherwise, she goes back into the cage until she gets home.

The report said the opening of the cage was enclosed with 2x4s and wood sheets with a mattress.

The affidavit states they gave the girl a pan so she could use the bathroom.

Alan Friz is facing - criminal confinement and neglect of a dependent. We will keep you updated.

2017 Oct 8