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Dentist facing 26 counts, now includes counts of sexual misconduct with a minor


By Matthew Crane

A Huntingburg dentist is facing 26 counts including four Level 5 felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor after an investigation was launched into his actions began with a call about an out of control child last week.

Alan P. Friz, 57, of 5275 W. County Road 700S, was brought into Dubois County Circuit Court Monday to hear the charges against him. As Judge Nathan Verkamp began reading the counts, Friz’s head nodded forward as he sat next to Jasper Attorney Timothy Demotte. His eyes became half-closed and he appeared unresponsive. Verkamp and Dubois County Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn as well as Detective Rick Chamberlain noticed Friz’s condition and stopped the proceedings as several local police officers checked his status.

Friz appeared to wake but then his head nodded forward again as officers spoke to him and checked his vitals. A few seconds later he woke again and Detective Tom Kleinhelter told him an ambulance was on its way to assist him. Friz said he didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Officers told Friz they would like to have EMTs check him out before proceeding with the arraignment hearing. As first responders from the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department arrived in the courtroom, Judge Verkamp decided to move the circuit court upstairs and the courtroom was cleared as Friz was checked out.

In response to the medical issue after Friz was medically cleared moments later, the arraignment hearing was rescheduled later on Monday.

Friz’s charges include the following: four Level 5 felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor; 11 Level 5 felony counts of neglect of a dependent; and 11 Level 6 felony counts of criminal confinement. Mrs. Friz is charged with the 11 Level 5 felony counts of neglect of a dependant and 11 felony counts of criminal confinement.

When it reconvened, Quinn requested the court set Aimee Friz’s bond at $50,000 and Alan Friz’s bond at $100,000 due to the extent and number of charges the couple is facing. Quinn added that the dentist had substantial means to easily bond out and with Aimee Friz’s actions during the investigation, he was concerned they could be a flight risk.

Attorneys for the couple objected to the bond amounts and requested they be set to levels more appropriate for the charges. Judge Verkamp set bond at $10,000 for Mrs. Friz and for $25,000 for Mr. Friz. He also ordered them to not contact the teenage female in the case and restricted them from leaving the state.

Charges and investigation

Friz and his wife Aimee were initially arrested for Level 5 felony counts of neglect of a dependent and Level 6 felony counts of criminal confinement. Investigative documents in the case against a Huntingburg dentist and his wife detail the couple keeping a teen girl in a cage in their home west of Huntingburg.

According to court documents, when executing the search warrant on the home, officers located a wooden cage containing a mattress and pan for the child to use to go to the restroom when she was kept there overnight. The cage was labeled with the child’s name.

They made their initial appearance in Dubois County Circuit Court last Thursday afternoon and were denied bail as Dubois County Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn requested a 72-hour hold to complete the investigation. He told the judge more charges could be expected against the couple when they appeared in court on Monday.

According to court documents, the case began when police were contacted about a child described as “mentally retarded” that was out of control at the Friz residence. When officers arrived, they made contact with Mr. and Mrs. Friz and were directed to the garage where the teenage girl in question was located.

During a discussion with the girl, she told police that her grandfather had become angry with her while she was bouncing a ball in the house. He took the ball and wouldn’t give it back because the other children in the home were completing their studies at the time and the girl was being disruptive.

The two were involved in a scuffle, according to court documents, and both ended up on the floor. After that, police were called to the home.

While deputies interviewed Mrs. Friz, she told them the girl had made threats about killing her and her unborn child. When officers offered to take the girl to the hospital for evaluation, Mrs. Friz told them they were attempting to find the girl help on their own.

Deputies contacted Division of Family and Children regarding the incident and a forensic interview with the 14-year-old girl was conducted at about 3:30 p.m. that day. During the interview, she told investigators she was forced to sleep in a cage at night and other times. Investigators stated in the report that the girl had been kept in the cage nightly since the beginning of September.

She also told investigators that on several occasions Mr. Friz had allegedly touched her breasts. According to court documents, the teen girl said the incidents began when she was 13. The allegations include incidents in which Mr. Friz entered the bathroom while the girl was showering. In another described incident, he allegedly entered her room, turned the light off and touched her breasts until some of the other children entered the room and turned the lights on.

Mr. Friz also allegedly initiated the touching while the girl was in the cage kept in the home.

The teenager told investigators she told her mother of the incidents.

After being granted a search warrant for the residence, deputies contacted the Indiana State Police to assist with the search of the home. During the search, officers located a wooden cage in a closet of a bedroom in the home. It was described as being about 4-by-8 feet in size and had a mattress in it. It was labeled with teen girl’s name above the entrance. It did not have running water or electricity running to it and a pan was left for the girl to use as a bathroom while she was in it. During those times, the cage was locked with a padlock and chain.

After locating the cage, deputies placed Mr. Friz in custody and asked about the cage. According to court documents, Friz admitted she was kept in the cage overnight but it was to protect his wife and other children since the girl had allegedly made threats to harm them.

When the division of family and child services arrived to remove the children, they found that Mrs. Friz had left the home with all them while police were gathering information. Dubois County Dispatch was directed to ping Mrs. Friz’ phone to attempt to locate her. An officer contacted her and directed her to return home with the children but Mrs. Friz hung up on the officer. According to court documents, Mrs. Friz was eventually found to be in St. Louis. She was directed to bring the children back.

On Thursday, before Mr. Friz was scheduled to make an appearance in court, a deputy recognized Mrs. Friz outside the courthouse and place her under arrest.

Both were held without bond in the Dubois County Security Center until Monday (today) as investigators completed their work on the case.


2017 Oct 9