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Houtzdale Child Abuse


A Houtzdale couple is facing numerous charges after Police say they physically abused and tortured their 6 adopted children. Police say Timothy and Barbara Krause abused the kids for the the past 7 years. 

According to Court Documents Timothy and Barbara Krause beat, starved, and emotionally abused the kids from 2011 to this year. 

They range in age from 12 to 16. Police say the abuse happened in the Krause's home on Atlantic Avenue in Houtzdale. They beat the children with paddles, a walking stick, a board, and back scratchers which resulted in bleeding and lumps on their heads. As a form of punishment, Police say the kids were forced to stand against the wall with their knees bent for long periods of time. 

They say the children were also malnourished and deprived of multiple meals for lengthy periods of time. According to Court Documents they were bitten by family's dogs during beatings. 

The Medical Director of Psychiatry at Penn Highlands Healthcare says child abuse over a long period of time can have devastating effects. 

He says the type of abuse and child's age play a factor but says it can greatly impact the brain. He says the abuse can translate into problems in adulthood including anger, aggression, intimacy issues, and even addiction.

2018 Jun 1