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Monroe County couple pleads not guilty to child abuse charges


By Jeremy Culver

SPARTA, Wis. (WXOW) – Travis and Amy Headrick, who law enforcement accuse kept their four adopted children in cages, regularly beat them and withheld food, appeared for an arraignment on Wednesday.

The two remained mute during the court appearance. Judge Todd Ziegler entered not guilty pleas and set the next hearing for July 8.

Law enforcement learned of the abuse last August after receiving a tip from a witness who provided a photo of the conditions the children were living in. A search warrant led to the arrests of the Travis and Amy Headrick and the rescue of the children.

Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger said after Wednesday’s hearing that while the charges against the Headricks are serious, the public must presume them innocent.

Croninger says until a verdict has been reached, it’s important to let the court system play out and it may take longer than the public will want.

“I have no interest in convicting someone who is innocent and I have no interest in having someone who is guilty walk free,” Croninger said. “I think in any case, whether it’s this type of case or any other type of case, we want to make sure we’re taking the appropriate amount of time.”

Croninger says that may frustrate people, but the judicial system must allow the defense enough time to prepare for the case when it goes to trial.

The Headricks remain free on $20,000 bond.

2019 Mar 13