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Prison for couple that kept child in horse trough


By Kevin Millard

SPARTA, Wis. (WXOW) - The Monroe County couple who were convicted of child abuse and neglect are getting prison time for their actions.

On Friday, Travis and Amy Headrick of Melvina both received four-year prison terms along with seven years of extended supervision.

In a plea agreement in February, they pleaded guilty to three charges including neglecting a child and false imprisonment. All three are felonies.

The case dates back to August 2018 when they were charged with ten counts related to the abuse of children in their home.

The couple was arrested after a tip from a witness who provided authorities a picture of the conditions inside their home.

When interviewed by investigators, one of the children described the routine in the home. The complaint said the children got up at 8, fed, and if they were good, could stay up until noon. After lunch, they went back into the locked cages until 3. They got up, were fed, then back to the cage until 5. After an hour, the children were returned to the cage until the following morning.

During sentencing, the Headricks said they were deeply sorry for their actions. "To the kids and children, I am sorry for what I did. They were wrong, they caused you pain and suffering and for that I'm sorry. I know there is nothing I can do to take that away but I do want you to know that I'm doing everything I can to make myself better and make the people around me better," said Travis Headrick. Amy Headrick also addressed the court saying, "With all my heart I am sorry and I love all of you. I am sorry, I am sorry I hurt you. I made a really bad choice and I'm sorry."

In his sentencing, Monroe County Judge Todd Ziegler said that even though they've been good citizens for the past two years, they must face the consequences for their actions.

District Attorney Kevin Croninger said the sentence was a fair one, "I think the judge did a very good job as is usual with the judges in our county. He was very thorough he considered the law and he applied the law the way it needed to be applied and came up with what I believe a fair and just sentence. I know it may not be as significant as some people want to see but there were several factors in the case and I think the court did a very good job of considering all those factors in sentencing both individuals today."

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