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Melvina couple who kept kids in cages reaches plea agreement


By Brad Williams

There will not be a trial in Monroe County for a husband and wife who were charged with making their own cages to keep their kids in for hours at a time. 

Travis and Amy Headrick of Melvina pled guilty on Valentine’s Day to false imprisonment and child neglect. 

Other charges related to child abuse were dismissed as part of the plea. 

Eighteen months ago, in August of 2018, the Headricks were arrested after authorities found the makeshift cages at the family’s home. 

After the arrests, picketers began to hold vigils outside the Sparta courthouse whenever the Headricks would be scheduled for court appearances, and accused the couple of “breeding serial killers” and “sociopaths.”    

The Headricks claim that they kept the kids, aged 10 and older, inside cages to prevent them from harming each other or themselves. 

The couple had gone back and forth between considering a negotiated plea and wanting a jury trial. 

Sentencing is scheduled for May 21st.  

2020 Feb 21