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Neighbors React To Woman Arrested For Torturing Children


PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — Patricia Taylor has been adopting and fostering children for years, now the 63-year-old is accused of torturing those children. Things were so bad, deputies say one of the girls ran away to her older sisters house.

"Those poor kids had to have just been living in fear," one neighbor, Susan Collins, said.

Once the 14-year-old was able to escape, she told deputies about years of abuse.  When they went to check on the other three girls Taylor adopted, they all had similar stories of torture and abuse.

Neighbors have different opinions on the allegations, but most agree, Taylor's home always stuck out.

"The place always kind of looked like that. A shamble," Steve Bolton said.

"Windows all closed. Every blind shut. Never saw any signs of life. I don't think I'd leave my cat there. I don't understand how these kids were left there for so long," Collins said.

As a woman who spent her life taking in kids, some say they want to hear Taylor's side of the story before rushing to any conclusions.

"I've always had a great admiration for her because she takes in a lot of foster kids," neighbor Kim Buchanan said.

"We thought she was doing a great thing," Bolton said.

But others have been worried about the kids in this home for years. So worried, a few even called Child Protective Services.

"I said somebody needs to do a welfare check. Somethings not right at this house. I just know it," Collins said.

Now, Taylor is in jail and her four daughters are in protective custody.

2019 May 11