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Psychologist takes stand in trial of slain 8-year-old Springfield Township boy


By Ken Brown

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A psychologist who worked with Adam Snyder the night before his death took the stand during the fifth day of his parents’ trial on Thursday.

Dr. Rena Sorenson said Katherine Snyder had taken her 8-year-old son to see Sorensen at the Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Campus.

“When they initially adopted him he was self-eating and feeding well,” Sorensen testified. “After he broke his femur, he started to decline. He wanted them to feed him. Pretty soon they had to puree his food and put it in a bottle. Then he was even refusing that and they had to move to syringe feeding. The last days prior to him coming in, he had hardly eaten at all.”

The defense said Adam Snyder’s health issues could have been a potential cause of his passing.

Sorensen also testified about the boy’s behavioral issues. She said she was told by Katherine Snyder that Adam was hitting and scratching himself, throwing himself into things and banging his head.

Katherine Snyder has maintained that Adam had thrown himself and hit his own head. The coroner had determined a blow to the head led to Adam’s death.

“She said they were using discussion ... about his emotions, trying to appeal to him through reasoning to discuss the self-injuries,” Sorensen said. “Letting him know, ‘Don’t do that,’ rather than stopping it.”

Sorensen said the Snyders put socks on his hands to help prevent him from self-pinching and scratching. She said, at times, the Snyders had taped the socks that were on his hands to his pants.

The prosecutor asked: “Is that a recommended treatment fora child that is engaging in these behaviors?”

Sorensen responded: “It is not.”

Sorensen said she had recommended he be taken to the emergency room immediately.

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