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Firefighter takes stand in trial of slain 8-year-old Springfield Township boy


By Ken Brown

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A Springfield Township firefighter, who responded to John and Katherine Snyder’s home on the day of Adam Snyder’s death, testified during Day 8 of the trial on Wednesday, focusing on her demeanor when they arrived at the scene.

Lt. Matt Morgan said they were dispatched to the Snyder’s home when Katherine carried an unconscious Adam out of the house.

“Is it unusual to have someone carry carry the person out to you?” the prosecution asked Morgan.

Morgan said: “Yeah, it can be. It all depends on the circumstances.”

Morgan said he found it odd that Katherine wasn’t showing signs of panic when she carried the unconscious Adam out of the home.

“Is focused and calm the preferred interaction with a parent when you’re trying to get information?” defense attorneys asked.

Morgan said: “It is the preferred, yes.”

Morgan said Adam Snyder’s heart rate was between 35 to 50 when the emergency crews arrived at the home. He said the normal heart rate for a child is between 80 to 100.

Springfield Township Police Lt. Brian Uhl testified for the prosecution - he took photos of Adam Snyder’s room not long after his passing. Uhl testified that a server crash in 2018 caused the department to lose some of its records tied to the case.

2023 Oct 25