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Should a Mother Lose her Child because of One Mistake?


By FauxClaud

Close your eyes and imagine this:

Imagine that your beloved father dies suddenly and in your grief, you make a mistake. You drink too much and sleep with an old friend.

Imagine that you become pregnant form this and, understandable, your significant other of 7 years is upset, but you really want this baby. You feel it is the last piece of your father coming though and you want to name this baby after him.

Imagine that right before your due date, your guy tells you that you cannot bring this new baby into your shared home. That even though he has happily helped you parent your five other kids ( that are not his) he won't take on this baby; all you can imagine is that your other kids will lose the life they have, so you do the unthinkable.

In a panic, you call an adoption agency.

Imagine then, that this agency chooses to ignore the fact that you are saying you do NOT want to relinquish this baby, but they do not give you any other options, but rather reinforce that it's a good thing and they want to help you put this whole thing behind you. They don't provide any other options or possible outcomes or even suggest that perhaps you should think about getting rid of any man who would demand such a horrible ultimatum, rather than the baby that is part of you.

So, you move up your C-section date and have your baby. And then, while on major prescribed medication and in tons of emotional and physical pain you leave the hospital and keep going through the motions in a surreal stupor. You sign the forms that say your newborn son can be adopted.

And then three days later, you are off all the pain meds and the reality of what happened hits you. But the adoption agency downright refuses to give your baby back.

Even when they have also made many, many mistakes and broken the law.

Even when the adoptive family that was going to adopt him return him to the agency because THEY don't want to fight you and be a reason that a baby is kept form his loving, capable mother and family.

Even when the baby, now 6 months old and diagnosed with Septo-optic dysplasia, a disorder of early brain

development, sits in foster care without anyone who wants him besides his own biological mother.

Can you imagine being that person?

She exists. Her name is Carri Sterns and she is from Columbus Ohio. She is a mother to 6 children; a stay at home soccer mom like so many normal American mothers and this unethical adoption agency refuses to give her child back to her simply because they legally can. She is fighting for the return of her son while this agency has a personal vendetta against her because she talked about what they did that was wrong and went to the media. So they want to "punish" her by keeping her son away.

So far it has worked.

Please consider signing the petition and sharing her fundraiser for the legal fees. Links to both and more about the story can be found on www.BringCamdenHome.com and www.ohio-adoption-agency.com.

Because she is a mother; just like us all and if THIS can happen to her, it can happen to almost anyone. If they have their way, she will lose her child forever because she made a stupid mistake while completely panicking.

It's NOT fair or just. It's NOT adoption. It's NOT Gentle and it's NOT Care.

2014 Oct 7