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Congressional letter to Hilary Clinton about Nepal - Sept. 2010


Dear Secretary Clinton:

We are writing to express our concern with the current status of inter-country adoptions in Nepal. lt is our understanding that American families are currently in Nepal awaiting final approval to bring their adopted children home. These families were granted travel authorization by the government of Nepal but have been subsequently delayed by the United States’ suspension of new adoptions from Nepal.

We appreciate the efforts to date made by the U.S. Embassy to effectively move pipeline cases forward and strongly urge continued focus on processing the Nepali approved cases- particularly where the American families are already in Nepal waiting to bring their children home. These families are enduring extreme emotional and financial burdens while their children’s cases are investigated further. While we support a rigorous and transparent screening process. we ask that additional effort be made to eliminate any potential administrative delays so these families wait only as long as absolutely necessary. While these cases are processed, the children may continue to live in institutions without the care and love they need to thrive.

Again, we support the State Department’s efforts to strengthen and improve upon reforms enacted in May 2008. We believe it is not only necessary but possible for the Government of Nepal to establish a system for inter-country adoption that respects the rights of birth parents, adoptive parents and most importantly, the children. However we hope that the utmost consideration be given to American families already in Nepal that are simply waiting for final approval. We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to working together to unite these families with their children.


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2010 Sep 17