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Congressional letter to Kurmanbek Bakiyev and Daniyar Usenov


Dear President Bakiyev and Prime Minster Usenov, 

As Members of the United States House of Representatives with an interest in adoption, we respectfully encourage you to complete the adoptions of 65 Kyrgyz children who E have American families committed to caring for them, and are waiting to be united with the children they have grown to know and love.

Given the importance of ensuring the welfare of orphaned children, we appreciate all that the Kyrgyzstan government is doing to guarantee the safety of the country’s children in the area of international adoption. However, we are extremely concerned about the 65 children whose in-progress adoptions have been stalled for over a year. With the children’s health, both mental and physical, being put at further risk by the day, we believe it is critical to unite these children with the loving families waiting for them in the United States as soon as possible.

Please find attached a letter from the Joint Council on International Children’s Services, National Council for Adoption, and the 65 affected American families requesting that the adoptions are completed as soon as possible. These children deserve to be united with families who will show them love, protect them, and ensure their proper development. ra We look forward to working with you to ensure these children are placed with their waiting families in the United States.


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2010 Feb 1