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China Adoption Program


China Adoption Program


Any child deserves a loving home; thousands of orphaned Chinese children await adoption. U.S. domestic adoption may involve adoptive parents having to wait for years before receiving a child. Sadly, some domestic adoptions can be plagued with legal problems. With an international adoption from China, an orphan's unknown birth parents have waived all parental rights and the adoption is finalized while you are in China during a stay of less than two weeks. Our daughters, Emily ( adopted 5/95)and Amy (adopted 9/96), exemplify the beautiful and intelligent infants and children awaiting adoption from China.



Harrah Family Services, Inc

., we (John and Jackie Harrah) administer the China Adoption Program for

Alternatives in Motion

(AIM), a nonprofit, Texas-licensed, adoption agency in Humble, Texas that has placed over 500 children since its founding in 1984.


With HFS, Inc. as your agent in the United States and our Beijing representative as your agent in China, constant communications are assured both in the U.S. and China. We will advise you about all aspects of your adoption-- from initial INS application through your home study and your trip to China for your child plus procedures after your return. We will assist in the preparation, verification, and authentication of all documents. You will have all U.S. and China adoption approvals before your travel to China. Your choice of airlines is not restricted. As one of his many duties, our Beijing representative confirms all in-China travel and accomodations for you. One of adoption experienced interpreter-guides meets you on your entry to China and accompanies you throughout the adoption process. Upon your return from China, we continue as a committed communication source of support and assistance. HFS helps you restrain total adoption expenses below $15,000 for two people traveling-- even less if only one person travels. Many of our communication and adoption activites are volunteer efforts and are at no expense to you. As such our services are less expensive than many other China adoption programs. We hope that by helping others adopt children from China we may show some of our gratitude for the opportunity to have adopted our daughters.

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