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Pax Thien Jolie integrates into his new family


VietNamNet Bridge - Angelina Jolie has recently informed Tam Binh Orphanage that her Vietnamese adopted child no longer cries and lets her come near him.

These days, reporters in Hanoi are busy following Angelina Jolie in the process to complete visa procedures for Pax Thien Jolie’s arrival in the US. Meanwhile, the atmosphere at Tam Binh Orphanage has returned to normal after the feverish days of receiving the Hollywood star.

Orphanage Director Nguyen Van Trung can now take his time to tell whatever he was too rushed to remember just a few days ago.

“For the past 15 years, I have handed many children to their foster parents, but nobody has written or asked me about them. Some of these parents are heads of big corporations and foreign artists. Yet, no one has made such as stir as Jolie,” said the director.

On the morning of March 19, when Jolie took Pax to Hanoi, the orphanage also received an American couple, who wanted to adopt a girl of the same age as Pax Thien Jolie. Knowing she would meet her parents, the child was extremely glad. She rushed to hold them, believing they were her biological parents. But the couple didn’t take her away immediately. They came to visit and will return after all papers have been finished. The girl broke out crying when seeing them walk away.

Pham Quang Sang, on the contrary, cried when he saw Jolie. Mr. Trung recalled: “He cried so hard that I wanted to scold him. But Jolie stopped me. She patiently soothed him for almost 20 minutes. I know Sang. He was demanding to the foster mothers here since he knew they would yield to him. But whenever I scolded him, he turned obedient and said ‘I’m sorry, father Trung’. He knew well who would yield and who wouldn’t.”

Mr. Trung said that there seems to be a link between the children and their foster parents.

“It is perhaps fate. I have witnessed a man with dark skin who adopted a child with dark skin. I was surprised when a bald man adopted a child who seemed to be bald too. And a mother with squint eyes once received a squint-eyed child.”

So what is the similarity between Sang and his movie star mother? Mr. Trung broke out laughing: “I think he is like Brad Pitt rather than Jolie. Sang is as naughty and smart as any character played by Pitt. Brad Pitt is very easy. Last year when he came here, he asked me where the restroom was and I showed him the way to a public restroom. And he walked straight there.”

Mr. Trung sometimes receives gifts and money from foster parents living abroad. Whenever they come to receive their children, foreign and Vietnamese parents bring candies to distribute to all the children or donate money to the Orphanage. But Angelina Jolie didn’t do any of these things. She didn’t make any donation pledge. When Jolie came to receive Sang, more than 20 children at the Orphanage stood singing and presenting her with flowers in their best clothes and best mood, but she didn’t bring any candies to give them.

Mr. Trung said perhaps she was too happy to think about candies. He heard that when she adopted Maddox, she didn’t make any promise either. But one year after, she returned to Cambodia with large-scale charity works.

International media said Jolie promised Tam Binh Orphanage US$ 2 million.

“She didn’t even promise $ 2.000, let alone $ 2 million. If she donated, it would be great for the children here. But we didn’t bring up the issue. We were already very glad that she adopted Sang,” Mr Trung said.

Asked about Sang’s health, Mr Trung affirmed: “When he was born, he had some liver problem. But 15 months after birth, there was no sign of it. Pham Quang Sang or Pax Thien Jolie is totally healthy now.”

(Source: Tien Phong)

2007 Mar 20