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Kingdom Vision Orphanage Care


Orphanage Care

Orphanage care is one of the programs at Kingdom Vision International. KVI has three orphanages, Addis Ababa, Adama (Nazareth) and Wolaitta. KVI provides orphanage care for those children who are at risk and homeless. When it is impossible to keep the children in the community, we admit them to the orphanage to provide alternative care.

KVI has around 100 children in all three orphanage locations, and a variety of children with the age range from an infant up to thirteen years old. Each of the children are placed into the orphanage according to the criteria set up by the Ethiopian government. KVI provides foster services domestically and adoption both domestically and internationally as better options than keeping children in an orphanage for a longer time.

Those children above 4 years old go to a private school while others are well taken care of at the orphanage. We have cooks, nannies, a home manager (nurse), part-time doctor, administrator, social workers, counselors and other staff.

The children of the orphanage are provided with services such as spiritual, social, educational and physical in order to bring consistent change in their lives. Each of the orphanage locations are fully compliant with all government rules and regulations. KVI needs your help in supporting the Orphanage Care Program. Donations of any size are accepted any time. Please contact KVI in order to donate money to this program. 



KVI provides quality health care to all of the children living in the orphanages. KVI has continuous health screenings, check-ups, and updates for all of the children in the orphanage. We have over 5 nurses that provide constant care for the children, a part time Pediatrician that comes on site any time day or night. KVI also has agreements with all of the local hospitals and pharmacies in order to have consistent care for each of the children. We also have trained staff and experienced nurses that provide quality care for each of the staff at KVI.


KVI has an excellent education setup. KVI provides transportation for each of the children to and from school in order that they never miss a class, and they are given every opportunity they can to learn and grow, which fits well into the family empowerment program. The education and the health care that the KVI children receive is top notch. There is no other orphanage that provides this level of care and dedication in all of Ethiopia.


The children at KVI receive a consistent spiritual program each and every day. They sing, pray and share the Word of God to each other, counseled by KVI staff and volunteers to grow into knowing and trusting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. No child is forced to do these activities, however each of the children is encouraged to walk and grow in their own faith, as they grow to learn more about the world.


The social aspect of KVI involves each of the children talking with and sharing with each other the unique parts of their lives. KVI kids are given the opportunity to learn and grow when visiting other locations and experiencing new things.

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