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Harrah's Adoption International Mission - statement of closure


Dear Families and Friends;

It is hard to believe that my late husband, John, and I began this wonderful journey nearly fifteen years ago, but that was when our dream for a family was changed from the desire for a birth child t the longing for a baby adopted from China. We were fortunate to be granted the honor of adopting not one but three wonderful daughters from that ancient country. And so began our dedication to assisting others to create their families through adoption and, in so doing, provide orphaned children with the forever families that they need and deserve.

During these fourteen years, we have assisted in the creation of more than 1200 families. Nothing could possibly compare to the joy we have felt in this endeavor.

We are all aware of the changes that have occurred in international adoption during the last few years--the closing of countries to adoption from abroad, the lengthening of the time frame for adoption from those countries still placing children internationally, the increased costs involved for both families and agencies, the frustrations in dealing with governmental bodies both here and abroad, the tightening of restrictions for both potential adoptive parents and the children needing families, and the worsening of economic conditions at home and abroad. All such changes contribute to an overall climate of despair in the international adoption community and make it more difficult to assist in the creation of forever families for children in need.

It is with great sadness, then, that our Board of Directors has decided that the best course of action for our agency is to close our doors and transition our existing families to Chinese Children Adoption International. They are motived by the same love and devotion to the orphans of China that started us down the path that we have walked for the past fourteen years. We know that our families will never regret becoming a part of the CCAI family.

It is hard to say good-bye to a profession that you have loved for so long, to the families you have come to know and love, and to the children who have made it all so worthwhile. Thank you all sincerely for allowing us to walk this path with you. Even though we won't be there when you reach the end, our hearts will be.

Jackie Harrah