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Woman goes to jail for irregular adoption


Enriqueta Noriega Cano, legal representative of the Asociación Primavera, was linked yesterday to process and taken to custody for the crimes of trafficking and use of forged documents.

The prosecution accused Noriega of having given up for irregular adoption Karen Abigail Lopez Garcia, 4 years, an American couple in 2008.

Noriega could not explain in detail to Silvia De Leon, Sixth Judge of Criminal Instance, the process of adopting Lopez, and repeatedly referred to Susana Luarca, legal adviser of the Association, who was handling the data.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Luarca arrived at court and said that the process of adopting the girl was legal, and that during two years no one claimed the child as well, the alleged mother, Loyda Elizabeth Rodriguez  Morales has rejected a DNA test .

Rodriguez sought help from the Survivor Foundation, to find her daughter Anyely Hernandez, who disappeared in November 2006

2009 May 28