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Press Release: Children of All Nations

Children of All Nations Reaches beyond Borders to Make a Worldwide Difference

New Adoption and Outreach Agency Works to Raise Awareness and Offer Aid to Children in Need

(April 7, 2009) Austin, Texas -- Great Wall China Adoption announced today the launch of Children of All Nations (CAN), an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children on a global scale. With strategic humanitarian aid programs that go beyond international adoption, CAN uniquely addresses the causes of the international orphan crisis in addition to the issue itself. Guided by the philosophy that every one of us can make a difference, CAN offers many rewarding ways for families across America to get involved in child welfare programs in




, with more countries to come. The agency draws on 13 years of experience placing more than 8,000 children from China with American families to offer reliable child placement services and charity missions.

With a staggering 133 million orphans around the world today, CAN is committed to raising awareness of the global crises that contribute to the increased number of orphaned children and help them realize their fullest potential. CAN works to achieve this commitment in two ways. First, it implements charity missions that address children’s needs on a material level. These missions provide aid to improve health and nutrition, living conditions and other basic needs. The HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, for example, is one of CAN’s targeted issues, and it is working steadily to mitigate this devastating problem. Second, CAN finds homes for children through reliable adoption programs to dramatically change their lives on an emotional and psychological level. These programs help ensure the all around well-being of adoptive children, enabling them to shine at their brightest.

CAN also works to improve international relations by building and strengthening relationships with government officials that oversee child welfare in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and North and South America. In addition to solidifying CAN as a key player in critical areas, these relationships help enable CAN to advocate for improved adoption policies and child welfare across the globe and help to promote cultural exchange and understanding between American and other nations.

“We take our roles as voices for children seriously, and we collaborate with foreign governments to ensure ethical adoption practices that provide the maximum protection for children,” said

Snow Wu

, CAN founder and Great Wall China Adoption President, who personally travels abroad to assess needs and build partnerships to address them.

The current programs in Mexico, Rwanda and Ethiopia are just the beginning for CAN, which is steadily gaining momentum with every new program despite the economic climate. CAN spans the continents to make a far-reaching impact and offer the public a broader range of options for international charity work and adoption.

“I will never forget the bright eyes and smiling faces of the children in orphanages. While they have very little to eat, wear only one set of clothing and live in huts, their plight has not erased the joy from their innocent faces,” said Wu. “They have a permanent place in my heart and continue to inspire me to take CAN’s initiative further.”

As CAN continues to grow, it develops more opportunities for American families to not only find a child or children to complete their families, but ways to give medical care, improve education, build infrastructure or simply share a kind thought to brighten someone’s day. Looking to the future with great enthusiasm, CAN is eager to build bridges and improve relationships with countries around the world to strengthen our global community. Positive change is possible, and CAN is making a difference, one step at a time.

Children of All Nations (CAN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, licensed child placing organization with adoption and charity programs in México, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Operated by Great Wall China Adoption, CAN is fully Hague accredited and is proud to have received the highest marks from the Council on Accreditation for excellence in service and high standards of practice. CAN is headquartered in Austin, Texas with more than 50 regional offices in the United States and is staffed with specialized service teams comprised of licensed social workers, child development experts and experienced adoption professionals that pride themselves on providing exemplary client care. Growing steadily, CAN is currently partnering with more countries to develop programs in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and North and South America. For more information about CAN’s adoption and outreach programs, please visit www.childrenofallnations.com.

2009 Apr 7