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EAC Vietnam program


July 17th, 2003

We have learned that apparently the Vietnamese & US negotiators have agreed on the wording to the Memo of Understanding (MOU) detailing the responsibilities of each government for adoptive applicants who wish to adopt the children from Vietnam (THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!)

Some of details still need to be resolved. There is a discussion as to what level of government authority should be responsible to sign the agreement. We hope this and any remaining issues can be agreed to quickly.

It is our understanding that when the MOU is signed, EAC would then apply to the VN Foreign Ministry of Justice for a license to assist with adoptions in Vietnam. How long this license application approval would take is uncertain but sources seem to indicate it could be one to six months

When we learn of any new developments concerning the situation in Vietnam, We will let our clients know as soon as we can confirm the news EAC has heard Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are hoping the situation will be resolved soon so we can find homes for the children & children for the waiting parents

Tom Droughton

EAC Vietnam program director

May 20, 2003 -

All families who received referrals in 2002 have completed their adoptions and returned home with their children.

There has been no new information about new referrals as of May 20, 2003. We expect an update of our program's status any day. Our contacts in Vietnam are awaiting new regulations, to be certain that our waiting clients are prepared. Once new rules are announced and implemented new referrals will follow.

The Vietnamese and American officials continue to negotiate a Memo of Understanding (MOU) concerning adoption of Vietnamese Orphans by U.S. citizens. New referrals and adoptions will begin again when the MOU is agreed to by both governments and the Vietnamese new regulations an procedures are met. We are continuing to accept preliminary application to adopt from Vietnam because our sources believe that program will move quickly when Vietnam reopens.

Our adoption program in Vietnam began in 1997. Since then, we have watched many families come home with children. Our families travel in a group and

G. T. Le

, our bilingual American-Vietnamese Coordinator, accompanies them each step of the way. The two trips needed (may be changing with new regulations to be determined when regulations are announced) includes visits with the children, embassy appointments, and even time to see the many beautiful sites in this historic and storied country.

2003 Dec 3