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BFAS Executive Director


Agitu Wodajo applies her substantial expertise and commitment towards the effectiveness of this program.

She holds Master of Public Affairs, BA in Human Services, and Associate Degrees in Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Community Nursing. She has rich experience working to advance the status of women and children in both Ethiopia and the United States.

She played a fundamental role in initiating Ethiopia’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs, which is now responsible for overseeing adoptions in the country.

She also served more than a decade as the founder and executive director of the International Self-Reliance Agency for Women in Minnesota (ISAW) (www.isaw.org). BFAS was initially licensed under the umbrella of ISAW whose Board of Directors decided at their meeting held on March 22, 2007 that BFAS is not of the best interest to ISAW.

Eventually, Agitu had to finally give up ISAW to dedicate herself to the wellbeing of the most vulnerable children and had Better Future Adoption Services, Inc. (BFAS) incorporated as an independent child placement agency.

Strong Christian faith and a calling to serve those in need is a driving force behind Agitu Wodajo’s selfless dedication to the empowerment of marginalized women in Ethiopia and in the U.S. Instilled in her was a desire to help others.

“ Some people help others by giving up their money. Some give up their time. Agitu Wodajo has given up herself."

—Jennifer Thaney, The Minnesota Women's Press

Agitu’s children are inspired by this highly involved style of parenting which has been backed with moral values and are highly accomplished and supportive of her dedication to the wellbeing of women and children.

Her eldest son, Abdi, is working as a Computer Engineer. Her daughter, Jalale, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in architecture, her daughter, Helen received a Masters in Business Administration and is currently working as a Financial Systems Analyst. Her younger daughter, Bethel is a graduate of the U of M Carlson School of Management. Her youngest son, Menase is currently studying at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

2009 May 2