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We are here to answer all your adoption questions. Please, feel free to give us a call:

Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine Adoption Counselor

Valerie Kudina

(415) 240-4554

Russia, and Guatemala Counselor

Sally Bretl

(712) 256-7705

Haiti and Taiwan Adoption Counselor

Teri Aeschliman

(330) 208-2269


About Us

Faithful Adoption is an established 501(c)3 non-profit licensed international adoption agency, and we are ready to serve you! This name, "Faithful Adoption", represents our belief that, if we have faith, we can make this world a little bit better. Orphaned children also need to have faith that one day there will be loving people they will call "mom and dad". Please read our biographies below, and learn more about us!

Sally Bretl

I began my work in the social services field as a Marriage and Family Therapist. After ten years or so, I moved over into the adoption area and have been there for at least as many years. I love working with couples in adoption and have done both international and domestic adoptions for several different agencies, both public and private.

For me, there is no greater honor or privilege than to go through the journey of adoption with a family. It is such a great blessing to bring a child into a family where there is love, support, extended family and financial stability when the child may have lacked some or all of these things previously.

In addition, the blessings a child can bring to the family continue on in a ripple effect and touch the lives of all who are close to them. Children are such a gift and provide us with our greatest challenges and greatest joys!

I know that adoption can have it's challenges. For that reason I see my role as a supportive one. And I have been blessed by each and every family that I have had the pleasure of knowing throughout the years.

Elena Kononenko

I was born in Russia and have been living in the U.S. for over 9 years. I graduated from Kubansky State University with a Degree in Pedagogic, Sociology and German Language.

Now when I look into my baby's eyes (my towering-over-me-teenage-son!) I often think of orphaned children for whom I am eager to find their forever families. I think of children whose pictures are not on anyone's dresser, who are never spoiled by anyone, who never get tucked in bed at night. I think of families that I can help experience the Great Journey called PARENTHOOD. I think of families adding another child to their already big and happy household, and not because they can't conceive, but because their hearts are big enough to welcome the child who entered this world already. To unite families is an honor and a great privilege.

Diana Skaggs

I was born and raised in Ohio, USA. I received my training from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. My husband, Keith, and I married in 1986, and although we have lived in many different parts of the country, we decided to raise our family in our home state of Ohio. We have four children.

In 2004, we adopted Irina in the region of Zhytomyr, UKRAINE. This was with the help of Faithful Adoption. Olga Grunberger was our adoption counselor and was marvelous!

If given the opportunity, I would adopt again with the help of my colleagues at Faithful Adoption. They are dear friends, and I count it a privilege to labor with them in the endeavor to find loving parents for orphaned children abroad.

Since our personal adoption of Irina Faith, my desire to help other parents adopt internationally has only intensified. I hope my experience as an adoptive parent will be helpful to those who wish to adopt a child of their own.

Teri Aeschliman

I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, USA. I attended college at the University of Akron in Ohio and the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Carl and I were married in 1983 and we have three children. Our sons, Alex and Chris, are attending college. Anna, our princess, is in elementary school.

It is a joy to work with families just starting the adoption journey. I love answering their many questions and addressing their concerns. As Post-placement Supervisor I have the special privilege of keeping in touch with our adoptive families for the first few years after they arrive home with their special blessings! I get to watch and see how their precious children grow and thrive in their loving homes as I assist them in getting their post placement reports to their children’s home countries on time.

Olga Grunberger

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1971. In 1995 I graduated from the St. Petersburg State University with a Masters degree in Oriental Studies. I spent one year in China, and shortly after this I moved to the Czech Republic where I started my career as an Export Manager. My work gave me an opportunity to travel in Asia and Europe quite a bit. It was an exciting experience, but after 6 years I found myself seeking a higher sense of purpose, and desiring fulfillment in what I do with my life.

When I was growing up my mother worked as an inspector for the Department of Education in St. Petersburg. She used to take me with her to the orphanages that she would inspect, and I was able to play with the children there. I remember feeling extremely proud of having my own family. I also remember that none of the children ever accepted the fact that they didn’t have parents – they believed that their parents would “come one day and take them home." The memories of these experiences eventually faded with time as my mind rested on the idea that I would be able to adopt for myself one day. However, when I came to the United States I realized I could help right now! I searched for an adoption agency that would be willing to hire me to help children find loving homes.

Today I realize one significant truth about this process – the adoption process is not about a child. It is the goal to bring your child home but this process is about You. It is you, the adoptive parent, who starts this journey with trust in your mind. You continue driving down this difficult road with love and hope in your heart. I admire you, as I watch you jump through the hoops to make all this happen. Therefore I will be here for you no matter what happens, so that in the end you can be there for your child.

Maria Johnson


1993-1996 Russia, Buryat State University, Department of Foreign Languages, Major: Linguistics (English and Chinese) 2002-2003 USA, Eastern Illinois University, MA in Speech Communication.

I am very happy that I have a chance to help parents and children find each other. I remember back in 2001 when I was working as a tour guide in Russia, I had the opportunity to translate for the Patch Adams team. It was a team of clowns from US, Germany, Italy, Australia and other countries that go on trips to different places in the world to bring smiles and laughter to those who have little of either in their lives: orphans, people in hospitals, elderly people, and people in homes and jails. As their translator, I visited several orphanages, and I saw how desperately orphans are in need of a simple hug, kiss, or a small present. I knew then, that I would really like to do something for these orphans; I wanted their eyes to always shine with happiness. I am lucky I can do this now through Faithful Adoption.

2009 Apr 21