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Focus on Adoption: Who We Are and Mission

Our Mission

Focus On Adoption is an intercountry adoption advocacy organization dedicated to the following principles and beliefs:

  • All children deserve the opportunity to grow and develop within a loving and nurturing family
  • When a child cannot remain with its birth family, intercountry adoption is a better solution than institutional care or foster care
  • Where parental relinquishment for adoption exists as a legal right, it should be inviolate
  • Abandoned or orphaned children should have the opportunity to be adopted and have permanency in a loving family as soon as possible
  • All public and private adoption services should be predicated on these principles and conducted with humane consideration for the child, the birth family, and the adoptive family within an ethical, legal, and transparent framework

Unlike most other Adoption Advocacy Organizations, Focus on Adoption™ is made up of, and represents the concerns of, all areas of the greater intercountry adoption community. Focus on Adoption prides itself on the direct participation of all members of the adoption community in order to advocate for transparent, ethical adoption processes that do not limit a child's chance to join a forever family.

The Board of Directors for Focus on Adoption represents this diversity with members who are adoption professionals, adoptive parents, and some who are both.


Hannah Wallace, President

Rudy Rivera, Vice President

Traci Orr, Treasurer

Margaret Orr, Secretary

2009 Apr 15