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Guatemala Attorney Blanca Martinez banned


This is to inform all involved in United States / Guatemala International adoptions that as of March 26, 2004, Blanca Eugenia Martinez Luna de Arce has been banned from involvement in the submission and processing of all new adoption cases with the Department of Homeland Security at the United States Embassy in Guatemala. All adoption cases already submitted will be processed but are subject to close scrutiny.

We advise all agencies to not accept any referrals from Ms. Martinez as they will be rejected at the window.

Any attorneys or notaries found to be involved with Ms. Martinez in attempting to circumvent this proscription will likewise be subject to similar action.

Roy Hernandez

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Guatemala City Country

Office Unit 3334 APO AA34024 Tel. 011(502) 331-1541 Fax 011(502)331-4342

2004 Apr 22