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WER project partner in Liberia appeals for emergency assistance


Director, Ed Kofi, of African Christian Fellowship International's orphanages in Liberia has appealed to WER for emergency aid. WER works in Liberia with ACFI providing orphananges and education for the children of this war-torn nation as well as food and other needed supplies. The ministry feeds over 1000 orphans including former child soldiers. This project is additionally supported by the local people who often volunter their time and contribute food.

WER project parnter in Liberia appeals for emergency assistance

Dear Joel,

"...Our ministry to the war ravaged orphans of Liberia continues to be our main thrust and focus. We are grateful to God that WER continues to support this worthy project without wavering. This venture is indeed a rescue effort to restore a generation of war-affected children and give the nation a future. However, we are desperately encountering a major problem in feeding the children. Funding for the program hit rock bottom. One of our main sources of funding ended in 2003. The only consistent support we receive towards this program is WER funds. We are responsible for feeding over one thousand orphans and other indigent children daily. But we have run out of food. Monthly feeding is $15000. We are therefore prayerfully appealing for urgent assistance. This is an SOS appeal for emergency help. We need urgent food supply and/or funds to purchase food locally to avoid a disaster. Please intervene if possible."

Truly yours,

T. Edward Kofi
2004 Jan 1