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Exlender David Sabán

This case started when the mother became pregnant with this child, but according to the facts that were verified, her husband was not the father. The child was conceived as the result of an extra-marital relationship. For this reason, the father demanded that the wife gave up the baby for adoption, or else he would leave her. She began the legal process with a lawyer named

Juan Ramon Monterroso

, but in the course of these proceedings, she changed her mind, and pressured the lawyer to return her child. This finally happened, and the child is in the custody of his mother. The Procuraduría General de la Nación became aware of this case. The case might be considered closed, only pending the determination of the MP as to whether the lawyer committed some crime during the course of the proceedings.

Carlos Manuel Saquiche

The mother voluntarily gave up her child for adoption to an attorney,

Ottoniel Carrillo Gudiel

in return for Q6,000. However, she changed her mind and went once again to the lawyer, returned the money, and asked for her child back. At that time, the lawyer threatened her with death. She soon pressed charges with the Procuraduría General de la Nación and later with the Ministerio Público. The lawyer returned the child, so therefore this case may be considered closed, pending only to establish the crimes that might have been committed by the lawyer during the adoption proceedings and the threats made against the mother.

Alvaro Coj Calel

The mother, influenced by a friend, voluntarily gave up her child for adoption. According to the mother, she dealt directly with

a lawyer named Umaña

, and gave him the child in return for Q5,000. The judge of the juvenile court declared the child abandoned October 27, 1997, pending the possibility of legal action in the Family Court to regain custody of the child. This case is identified in the Juvenile Court as #1904, Of. 2.

Melissa de León

In this case, the husband forced the wife to give up the child for adoption, supposedly because they did not have the economic resources to support her and their other children. According to information obtained, the husband was responsible for taking care of the adoption proceedings, and he told his wife to deliver the child to the judge explaining that they did not have the money to support her. The child was declared abandoned on January 24, 1997 by the juvenile court. At that time it was decided whether custody of the child could be regained.

Carmen Melisa Morales (false name), Dunia Cárcamo Gutiérrez (true name), Susana Nineth Roldán (false name), Patricia Cárcamo Gutiérrez ( true name)

Concepción Flores stole the girls from the custody of their mother, an event which occurred at the port of San Jose, Escuintla. Later, with the complicity of

Maria Yolanda Roldán Valenzuela


Carmen Alicia Morales Cruz

, the thief began to create false documents for the girls.

The children were rescued by the Procuraduría General de la Nación and placed in the jurisdiction of a judge of the Juvenile Court, case 778-95.

The criminal case against the defendants is in process pending the oral depositions which have not yet been taken. Maria Yolanda Roldán Valenzuela died October 2, 1997, and Carmen Alicia Morales Cruz and

Alicia Lopez Orellana

were detained December 29 and 17, 1997 respectively.

The criminal court trying this case is in Escuintla and the dossier is known as case 1457-96, 5th office.

Juan Carlos or Kelvin Francisco Mazariegos, Flor de María Soto Hernández, Yaquelín Yojana Ramírez Torres

The adoption process for these children was initiated before the notary public in the office of attorneys

Cuevas Figueroa


Cuevas Cojulum

. Through the embassy of Canada it was established that the

DNA tests taken by the supposed mothers and the children were negative

, so the attorneys chose to call the legal mothers and to return their minor children. This was done knowing that the women were not the biological mothers, and without making the appropriate legal charges.

The children were rescued by the Procuraduría General de la Nación, and this institution presented a claim before the Ministerio Público of San Marcos.

This case is provisionally closed, and the file is identified as number 2791-97, office 4.

Pablo Ramírez Cano

The attorney Javier Oswaldo Villatoro Morales and his family put pressure on Elivia Ramirez Cano and took advantage of her emotional and psychological state. Even before the child's birth, they forced her to sign a document giving up her son for adoption to Jose David Amado Lagare and Josefa Santos Garcia, Spanish citizens.

Elivia Ramirez Cano presented an action against the lawyer

Villatoro Morales

before the Ministerio Público, however it was refused.

By order of the first judge of the Juvenile Court, the Spanish citizens were awarded temporary custody of the child since at various times the mother had been asked to revoke the original document. However, she always refused to do so.

At the present date, the case is pending the opinion of the Procuraduría General de la Nación so that it may be resolved by the judge of the Juvenile Court.

There has also been instituted a proceeding in the family court for the restitution of parental custody, since the Juvenile Court, in particular the attorney

Aida Marisuya de Leon

who excused herself from the case, gave preference to the Spanish citizens and not to the biological mother of the child.

Lourdes Carolina Rivera Núñez, Beberly Joseline Núñez

Zoila Esperana Portillo de López coerced Irma Lucrecia Núñez Portillo into giving up her daughter for adoption. The attorney

Alvarez González

who initiated the proceedings, took steps to create a birth certificate in which Lourdes Carolina Rivera Núñez was registered with only the maiden name of her mother. This was done so that the other proceedings could go forward even though this document was false and testimony given by other persons was also false.

The children were rescued by the Procuraduría General de la Nación and were place in foster care in the Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S., this act having been authorized by the Juvenile Court according to dossier 2439-97, first Office.

The current claim was raised before the Ministerio Público by the Procuraduría General de la Nación on September 9, 1997, with the case identified as number 2691-97 under the responsibility of the 5th office. The case is currently under investigation.

Jose Luis Gomez Lopez

Irma Raquel Chaclan Sac, the biological mother, delivered her son Jose Luis to

Miriam Argentina Moran Murga

who hired

Julia Raquel Gomez Lopez

, the supposed mother, to acquire a birth certificate for the child, as if he were her own son. This was done based on a false record of birth given out by the midwife

Lucila Quiroa Castro


The child was rescued by the National Police and was given into the foster care of the

Hogar 'Los Pinos',

located in the capital city.

1998 Jan 1