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Child adoption agencies condemned


Deputy Health Minister for Social Welfare, Joseph Geebro, has strongly condemned efforts by adoption agencies to have President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf lift the current moratorium on inter country adoption.

Mr. Geebro wants an immediate halt to such efforts, which according to him, can only be allowed when a legal framework is put into place to protect the rights of adopted children.

The issue of inter country adoption is contained in the new Children' s Bill currently before the National Legislature.

A release quotes the Deputy Health Minister as saying, it is unacceptable to lift the ban which was imposed just two months ago.

Mr. Geebro said if those calling for the lifting of the ban are truly working in the best interest of children, they should operate within the confines of the law, instead of trafficking children.

It can be recalled, that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf placed a moratorium on child adoption in the country, following reports that some Adoption Agencies were trafficking children out of the country.

2009 Mar 21