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Donor letter to ROTIA


Dear Donors,

On behave of the staff and all children of Asia Orphanage Association,

I have an honor to express our profound thanks to generous

contribution to our orphanage. Result from your donation that we have

received, we have established a building of 10m2 x7m2 for a classroom

for our children. The new school / classroom is located in the center  nearby the living buildings of our children. The building was given the name  of "Tivea school". We are glad to inform you that the school / classroom perfects to the standard classroom model as it has a big door and large windows on all side of the walls so that the air can

flow in and out easily. Our children and staff can learn in that

classroom comfortably and healthy.

                        Tivea school was opened on Jan 30,2003

We have sent our children of 6 years and above to the public primary

school, which is located in the village out of the orphanage. They are

learning 4 hours a day in that public school, from 07AM to 11AM or

13PM to 17PM. The public school does not teach any foreign language. 

Since our school in the orphanage has been completed, we have managed

to employ one English teacher and one primary school teacher to teach 

in our orphanage in order to help them to understand English language

as well as to perfect their study from the public school.

At this moment, the duties of these teachers are as following:

** - The English Teacher:

The English Teacher teaches 2 classes (one hour for each class) per day.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM: We have 25 pupils. This group of children, they

are studying at the public school in the morning.

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM: We have 12. students. This is the class for the AOA staff.

**- The teaching material:

The school is really in need of the student donation such as reading

books, writing books as well as all stationeries.

** -The Purpose of teaching English to the children ,staff and nannies

Due to the public schools do not have the English language in their

teaching program and our children are in deed need to talk to their

adoptive parents who are coming to our  orphanage.

The English class also helps a lot to the children in making their

good routine. They are learning little by little day by day, then they

will be able to speak, to hear, to read and to write it some day in

the future.

The English language will be very important for them when they grow up

and when they are going for higher education either in local country

or oversea. So we think it is really good for them when they start to  learn it since are very young.

We provide the English course to our staff and nannies as our

appreciation to them that they are satisfied to work with us and help

us to take good care to our babies and children. They are quite happy

to learn this language and they always try to practice with our foreign


** -The Primary School Teacher:

The primary school teacher works for 4 hours a day. His schedule and

duty is as following:

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Leading all pupils who go to the public school in

the afternoon to do the homework, to review lessons which they have

learned in the public school.

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM: Leading all pupils who go to the public school in

the morning to do the homework, to review lessons which they have

learned in the public school.

**- The Purpose of hiring the primary school teacher for the children:

We feel that it is good to keep our children busy. They have only half

a day (4 hours) study in the public school. After the school they have

plenty of free times and they do not know how to make their self-study

yet. Seeing this point, we decided to employ one primary school

teacher to assist us in make them study, help them to do their

homework, to make sure that they understand their lesson so that they

are able to get good result from the school.


** Future Goal of the AOA orphanage

There are 130 children and  39 employers in the  Asia Orphans

Association. The Tivea  school has helped to strengthen the education

of the children of 6 years old up . Beside the center, there is no

public kindergarten or public pre school yet. We are thinking of  extending one more classroom with the same size of the Tivea school classroom for our younger children of 4 - 5 years old so that they can

prepare themselves before they are sent to participate the public

primary school in the village. This new classroom is thinking to be done at the same compound of the Tivea .school classroom.

we are also thinking of using the space in front of the school to create a sport field for the children. We feel that we should make a basketball field as a sport for them.

The estimate cost to make the new building for pre-school classroom,

will be about USD .10,500.and the estimate cost to make a basketball

will be approximately USD.4,50

Dear Donors, you have seen that your charity to the AOA Orphanage was

very useful for the children ,of 6 years old up, in AOA. As per our

future goal for the younger ages, we would like to ask for your

generosity in funding to our proposed plans for the pre-school

classroom and the equipment to set up the basketball in the center of

AOA Orphanage . You are also highly appreciated and most welcome for

any kind of your donation for our children education.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerely

thanks to your consideration and strong support to our orphanage and

we believe that your charities will value brightly to our children


May God bless you always! May you be healthy , happy and get the Best

of Lucks all the time.

Truly Yours,

Serey PUTH

Director of AOA.