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2008 Miss Tennessee Soy Bean Festival - Elizabeth Looney


Parents' names: Jennie & Carson Looney

Talent: Vocal - Nella Fantasia

Age: 19

Platform: Teenage Pregnancy-

Recognizing Adoption as an Option

Education: Northwest Mississippi Community College

Vocal Performance

Ambition: To become a Country Music Singer

Local Executive Director: Lynn Gibson

What is something we don't already know about you?

I would describe myself as a "tom-girl"! I really enjoy the outdoors especially flying fishing and mudding.

Describe your most rewarding moment.

Being afraid of heights, I was ecstatic when I overcome my fear and free fell 35 feet to complete a ropes course. It was an amazing moment to conquer that fear and has helped me to face other challenges as well.

Other than "Miss America: Reality Check," if you could be on any reality TV Show , what would it be and why?

"American Idol" would be the reality show of my dreams because of the exposure and advice from people in the music industry like Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell. Being on American Idol could greatly enhance my music career.

2008 May 28