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Irish agency severs ties with Soland


"When allegations such as these are made there is due process to be followed," says John Keegan, principal officer, Irish Adoption Board. "The Adoption Board can confirm that My Linh Soland has resigned from her consultancy position with Helping Hands Adoption Mediation Agency.

"She has agreed to transfer the remaining Vietnamese adoption dossiers and fees to Helping Hands Adoption Mediation Agency in Vietnam and arrangements are being put in place in this regard by the Mediation Agency."

Mr Keegan points out that a number of candidates were interviewed and all, including Ms Soland, were given a background check by gardai. He declined to comment on her alleged jail sentence in the US, "until confirmation has been received from the Garda".

According to a statement issued on the website of the Irish Adoption Board: "The Adoption Board has now received written notification from the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam confirming the legality of adoptions that have been effected under the Irish - Vietnamese Bi-Lateral Adoption Agreement, and that these adoptions were processed in accordance with Vietnamese legal requirements."

2006 Jul 8