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Colombia Adoption Program: Kidsave Program FAQ's


Colombia Adoption Program: Kidsave Program FAQ's

Why Consider the Colombia Summer Host Program

What is the summer host program?
WHFC collaborates with Kidsave International for a summer host program. Children in need of families visit for the summer and live with U.S. families for five weeks. Summer 2008 is the second year we are joining with Kidsave to provide an opportunity for up to eight children from Colombia.

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Please join us for an information meeting for families interested in thhis program:

When: Wednesday, April 2, 2008
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Where: Wide Horizons For Children
116 South River Road, Room D2
Bedford, NH
RSVP: Contact Sandra Marston at 603.792.2030 or smarston@whfc.org.

Why consider the host program?
For many reasons! You are providing an older child the opportunity to make a connection with a permanent family. If not for host programs, these children's chances of finding a forever family are minimal. If you are considering adopting an older child, this is the perfect way to get to know a child before deciding if this is best for you and your family.

Can I host a child if I am not interested in adoption?
Absolutely! You are then the child's "advocate family" while they are here in the U.S. The child's chances of meeting a potential adoptive family while here increase dramatically through this program even if you do not become the child's adoptive family.

How long do the children stay in the U.S.?
The children stay for five weeks. They are accompanied by a Colombian escort, typically a social worker or psychologist who knows the children.

Who are the children?
The children are between the ages of 7 and 12. They live in foster care or orphanage care in Colombia and do not have a forever family. Without adoption, these children will spend their teenage years in an orphanage and then be discharged into the community without a family.

There are host programs with other countries. Why is WHFC working with Colombia?
The Kidsave Colombia program has wonderful support for the children before, during, and after the children's visit to the US. The children are evaluated and supported by a Colombian psychologist. In addition, WHFC has a Colombian adoption program, so if families decide to pursue adoption after the host experience, we can support you through the adoption process.

Does it matter where I live?
For our second summer, we are based in the NH/VT office. Interested families in MA may also apply to the program. There are weekly family gatherings in NH while the children are here in the summer. If you are able to attend the gatherings, you may apply to host a child. The gatherings help to keep the children reassured and connected to each other during the visit. They also help families to network and make an important connection. The events give the children exposure to the community and to other families in the host program. Some events are simple, such as picnics at a state park. Others are more active, such as meeting at a science museum.

If we don't adopt the child, won't the child be hurt by the program?
Families do not discuss adoption while the children are here. The children are here to have a summer experience in the US. Many children ask about adoption while here. Your WHFC social worker will help you to handle those conversations. While a difficult part of the program, it is important to remember that over 85% of the children will be adopted through this program, if not by you, then by another family!

Do I need a current home study to host a child?
Yes, you need a completed home study by a licensed agency to host a child through our program. To make hosting more affordable for families, WHFC has re-structured our regular homestudy fees. There is also an application fee for Kidsave. There is a fundraising committee made up of families, which is working on raising funds for the program. This may help to reduce the cost for families. For complete details on fees, please contact us.

What type of support do families and children have during the summer?
Each family works with a WHFC social worker closely during the host experience. There are several group teleconferences so that parents can support each other and ask questions of the social workers involved with the program. The Colombian escort will spend some time with each family, staying in the home for approximately five days. The children and families find this time to be extremely helpful. There are interpreters available 24/7 for Spanish/English support and assistance.

I am not interested in hosting but would like to help with the program. How can I help?
Yes! We need volunteers to do many things, including translation (Spanish/English) while the children are here, fund raising efforts, mentors for the families and children during the summer (if you are Latin American or have a child who is), and a myriad of other tasks over the summer. If you have the interest, we'll find a way for you to be involved!

Where do I get more information?
You have several options. You can contact either:
Nancy Spence
Community Development Coordinator
Barb Drotos, LICSW
NH/VT Regional Manager

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