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Orphan Outreach to Begin Cooperative Relationship with Redeeming India



Orphan Outreach to Begin Cooperative Relationship with Redeeming India

Beginning January 1, 2009

DALLAS, December 23, 2008—Orphan Outreach, a Dallas-based ministry to orphaned and at-risk children, has agreed to a cooperative association for raising support and providing oversight and consultation for India-based Redeeming India's children ministry beginning January 1, 2009. Redeeming India, started by Sony and SoSo Prince, began as a rescue ministry for infant girls facing infanticide. Since its founding in 2003, Redeeming India has rescued more than 20 babies by working undercover with midwives who are given the equivalent of $80 to "rescue" the infant girls from families who believe the infants are a bad omen to the family. Redeeming India has been supplying the funds to ensure these babies are rescued and then providing them a loving Christian home in Southern India.

In 2007 Orphan Outreach leaders visited Redeeming India and immediately wanted to get involved with its mission. "Seeing all those beautiful girls that would have otherwise been killed was a powerful testament to what orphan ministry is about," Mike Douris, president of Orphan Outreach, said. "These girls literally have a chance at a future because of Redeeming India's work." Through a unique, God-ordained set of circumstances, Redeeming India and Orphan Outreach were introduced and began to work cooperatively to assist the funding and leadership of the project to secure the future of Redeeming India's mission. "Orphan Outreach can assist in providing for the long-term growth and professional consultation that will be required to ensure the future of the girls currently in the orphanage and allow the ministry to impact and serve more children," Dave Williams, director of Redeeming India, said. "They can also provide leadership support through India-based Orphan Outreach staff."

Learn more about Redeeming India at www.redeemingindia.org.

About Orphan Outreach—The mission of Orphan Outreach is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by ministering to orphans around the world by meeting spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs. Orphan Outreach was founded in 2007 by a team with more than 52 years of combined orphan ministry experience. More information on Orphan Outreach can be found at www.orphanoutreach.org.

2009 Jan 1