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Govt sued over missing kids


Govt sued over missing kids
16/04/2009 22:47  - (SA)  

Monrovia - A rights group has sued the Liberian government and an agency that facilitates adoptions for American families over the disappearance of 35 children, the organisation said on Thursday.
The Independent Civil and Human Rights Centre said the children aged between one and 12 years old were in the process of being adopted through the West African Children Support Network and disappeared last month.
The network is registered with the Liberian government to facilitate adoption of Liberian children for American families.
"We have sued the government and the agency" on charges of child trafficking, Mervin Page, the head of the rights group, told AFP.
The case will come before a judge in Monrovia on Friday, he added.
According to the rights watchdog, the authorities took the children as they were about to fly to the United States with their adoptive parents.
"From our investigation, these children were being taken away by their adoptive parents when the ministry of health with the support of the ministry of justice intercepted them at the airport. Since then no one knows the whereabouts of the kids," Page said.

2009 Apr 16