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DSWD pushes legal child adoption


DSWD pushes legal child adoption

By EE Jerusalem
März 07,2009

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Bicol field office led the annual observance of the "Legal Adoption Consciousness Week" aimed at raising public awareness concerning the growing number of orphaned and neglected Filipino children in need of permanent wholesome environment.

Pursuant to Proclamation No. 12 dated February 3, 1999, every first week of February is declared as "Adoption Consciousness Week".
With the theme "Legal Adoption: Pagmamahal sa Batang Pinoy", DSWD Bicol field office spearheaded several activities including establishment of Adoption Inquiry Desk in shopping malls in Naga City, Adoption Forum, radio and TV guestings, and distribution of IEC materials.

DSWD Bicol regional director Remia T. Tapispisan underscored the government strongly discourages simulation of birth certificate as this is illegal and offensive against the law.

"It might further create problem and complications on the birth record of the child in the future," she added.
Tapispisan also explained that as a policy to protect and strengthen family, the DSWD is tasked to ensure that each child be given the chance to enjoy the sense of security, formation of identity and comfort of being part of the family.

"Adoption is a legal process which enables a child, who cannot be reared by his biological parents, acquire legal status wherein he/she can benefit from the new relationship with a permanent family," she said.
DSWD, thus, urges Filipino families to be more open and accept Filipino children who are in need of alternative wholesome family environment. (DSWD/PIA)


2009 Mar 7