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Kondanani Newsletter July/August

July / August 2000
Dear Friends,
At last I have strapped my self into my chair to write my news letter. I promised some of you I would do so last week while I was in the UK but forgot to ask my son ( who was on honeymoon ) for the pass word of his computer, so all the work I planned to do over there did not materialise, but it gave me that much extra time to enjoy with Father and listening to the Word on Christian Television .One Word of God came forcefully to me as I read Hebrews is, that, it is great to know the Word of God but of no avail IF NOT MIXED WITH FAITH, it is faith put in action which causes us to be people who shall know our God and be strong and carry out great exploits. Don t you want to be that person ? Well first let me get back to my last letter, I told you about little Wilson and Hilda both little blessings of just over a kilo at that time, they have gone to be with Jesus, their little bodies totally wasted, have now been given glorified bodies, some of you who watched the KONDANANI PROGRAMS on TV in Europe saw little Wilson in my arms and an empty cot the following day, Hilda slipped away peacefully but Wilson suffered.
Yes AIDS is taking it 's toll not only on the guilty but also on the innocent, yes I get angry, angry at traditions within the cultures which cause the spread of Aids and yet no one speaks out against cultural practices, this should be done by the people who have come out of it, but everybody pretence it does not take place, I have spoken about it to some pastors and the answer always is, our tribe does not do that anymore, and so we continue with the same practices and oh the suffering of our little babies. The incubators we had been given have not yet arrived, that is, one of them should have been here but was stolen out of the container, this is sad and nobody will be blessed with that, the other one is still in Holland as we are trying to raise the funds to get it here. We are really in need of them here.
Little Zoe is doing very well, at one stage he got very sick and we almost lost him, but we fought for his little live and he is now all smiles and growing beautiful, a child who was dumped in a pit latrine and was saved has a great calling on his live, the devil had an other try at killing him but we are aware of his tricks. Wait for the day that this little boy will have be a great witness for Jesus and I may be 80 by then but I will live to see that day. We have found our new home for the babies the donor is happy with what we have found and only wants an independant valuation and we should be moving soon . We really had to do something, with at present 40 babies and some cots with 2 babies in it we had to go house hunting and found this wonderfull place right on top of a hill we can see the whole world from there and we will be able to have 60 babies. It will be a lot more work and just imagine having to kiss and cuddle all these precious bundles, I will have a special " kiss and cuddle " day and those shinning little faces are a joy to behold. What a privilege to employed by THE BIG FIRM " FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT " .And you know what is so great about it, They are such fair Employers, They never are in breach of Their "Terms of Contract " well what more does an employee want. Little Juma has been adopted and is a very happy little boy, it was difficult day for me when he was taken, I sobbed my heart out but was so greatful when his new parents told me that I would always be welcome at their home to see him, my little boy who was a scrap of humanity born in a mud hut has found two well off and above all God fearing parents and I am so happy for him.
We have started the 5th Nutritional Project, it is in a big slum area and there are a lot of malnourished children, I have at this moment of time not looked at the figures yet but Henry ( he is in charge of the program) says we are up to 4000 meals a month, on target for the 12000 this year. It is also exciting for us to see that the hospital doctors are refering the childeren who where admitted at the hospital, to the programs. It is wonderful to hear the mothers giving the testemonies about how thin and ill their children where and now they are fat and healthy because of the food we have given them, what a joy we share. We need your prayers for little Mary, she was only one day old when she came to us, the mother died while giving birth, she has been in hospital already and again she is only just over a kilo, she has tested positive but there is always a hope that she carries the antibodies of the mother and does not have the virus and until we know that for sure when she is 18 month we will see her as negative and not give up the fight untill there is no child. Maggie came on the 14.2.2000, a situation where the mother and daughter ( 13 years of age) where pregnant at the same time, the babies where only a few weeks apart, the father, husband of the mother had died already, the mother died in child birth and left a 13 year old with her own child and a baby sister, the situation got from bad to worse and it came to our attention through a field worker of an other organisation, we took little Maggie the orphan who at that time was skin and bones, we call it in medical terms " maramus" and had protein defficiency called "kwashiorkor" her hair was orange and she had no life left in her. If we look at her today we rejoice, we have now a beautiful little girl full of life and with lots of black curls, I often think, well if Bill Gates thinks he is rich come and see us over here and you are going to find out what riches are all about.
Being part of that which has eternal value brings riches into our lives seeing Jesus at work in the lives of people. A lot has happened this year already, we had a team here from the "Dream Family Network" for you who do not know about them they are a Christian Television Network the largest in the UK with 4 TV Channels and radio Channels. Rory and Wendy Alec, who have started this company, and I have known each other for many years, they have been very succesfull in being obedient to the Lord by starting the first Christian TV in the UK, their programs reach 58 countries. Rory and the team spend 3 days filming with us. We had the ground breaking ceremony for the start of " KONDANANI CHILDREN"S VILLAGE " where Rory and I together dug the spade deep into the soil which is going to bear testemony to many children who will run there and laugh and play, of course there will be tears, but we will be there to dry them and the Seed of the Word will give a rich harvest. Just because a child is an orphan it does not mean he/she has to be unhappy, no, we see so many happy faces every day at our " Caring Hands Infant Home" Rory and Wendy and their team have been a blessing to Kondanani, they are responsible for us being able to start the first phase of the "VILLAGE" and we thank God for the "ANGELS TRUST" of which they are trustees with some others . We are so happy to be able to report to you that we have now started building, there is still a lot of work to be done, thank God Lewis has a lot of time now for Kondanani he is of such great value and he is so patient with his own people that I need him all the time. Lord give me patience and give it to me NOW. And some of you who think you have patience come and spend some time in Malawi and you will soon find out the truth. We have decided not to build the Nutritional Rehabilitation Clinic where we planned to, instead we will put it on the same land where we are building the " Village". We are at present doing the building plans and some more news on that in the next letter.
As I mentioned earlier on I came back from the UK yesterday, my son Paul who lives there got married to Jane, it was a great day and many of the family from South Africa and Holland, the land of my birth, came to join in the celebrations and no doubt that Jane was one of the most beautiful brides I have seen and we are all very proud of her. Jane has also been working hard for Kondanani and has produced and is maintaining this web site. We believe God for a life long happy marriage.
The month of May was very busy, I was in Spain and the UK for 5 weeks, it is not easy for Lewis to see me come and go but until the Lord sends someone to take responsibility we can 't both leave the country at the same time there is just to much going on. Spain was very special, the group there called "Malawi Help" did an amazing job for us, there was a fair in the town and they had a big restaurant there a make shift one, but the Spanjaards only start living at night at about 22.30 hours till about 4.00 in the morning, there was a team of about 40 volunteers and although we could not talk to each other they would say all the time " for baby for baby" and worked like slaves. It moved me to tears to see this bunch doing something which has eternal value and yet none of them profess to be born again. It reminded me of the story of Cornelius, the angel came to him and told him about the aposle Paul, now Cornelius was a Jew he did not know Jesus, but what did the angel say, Your prayers and alms have come up for a memoriaL BEFORE GOD. That thrilles my heart. I also spoke in a couple of churches it really was a very fruitfull time. I also spend time in the North of England at the TV channel we did some interviews, from there I went to Devon where a lot of time was spent sharing that which on the Heart and Agenda of God, the little orpans of Africa. A couple called Mike and Jane Ansell have been a real blessing to me over there and really come along site us in the work aswell as an other couple called George and Rosemary Willard who will network with each other and work for the good of Kondanani. You can find their contact deatils on the Contact Us page.
I will be in the USA and in Holland from the 4.10.2000 till the 9.11.2000 please believe Father with me that it will be a time which will bear much fruit for the extension of His Kingdom. Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive, thank you for being part of what God is doing here in Malawi, yes we need your support in every way, in prayer, letters of incouragement and in finances. Please contact us at any time and even come and visit us you are very welcome. Love and greetings form His servants in Malawi,
Lewis and Annie Chikhwaza.
2000 Jul