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Michael Berg (Kabbalah Centre)


Michael Berg (Kabbalah Centre)

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Michael Berg (born June 29, 1973) is an ordained Rabbi, Kabbalah scholar, and noted spiritual leader. He edited the first unabridged English translation of The Zohar and is currently Co-Director of the Kabbalah Centre alongside his mother Karen Berg and older brother Yehuda Berg. He is the son of Philip Berg, the controversial leader who inherited the directorship of the Kabbalah Centre in 1969.

In recent years, Michael has come to the public's attention through his role as Co-Founder of Raising Malawi. In 2008, Madonna (entertainer) and Gucci hosted a celebrity-studded fundraiser on behalf of Michael's Raising Malawi organization called "A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi & UNICEF".

Michael Berg is the author of several introductory and advanced books on Kabbalah. Included among them are Secrets of The Zohar and Becoming Like God. In addition, he publishes a weekly blog and oversees content for an online learning platform, Kabbalah University.

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