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From: MFKThai@aol.com

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 13:16:13 -0500

Subject: FOC

To: eneff@sltrib.com

Elizabeth,,it is Me

you know some of my story,,want to hear more,,like

when Karen Banks contacted the Division of Family Services here in KS (from Wellsville) and told them I was abusing my adoptive daughter!  How in the heck would she know.

Like when I was suffering from PP depression and post adoption depression Karen Banks never once called me but in lieu, sent an e mail to my husband saying,, "all adoptive children are bad and you do not want an adoptive child, then proceeded to admit that they never loved any of their adoptive children and that one even stood over them with a knife(Auriel, the one they dumped in Samoa, who is now MIA)  Auriel denies this and states,,she was abused and Karen tried to hurt her, and that she and her brother Ethan were treated like dogs in the house,,and how Karen Banks said "good bye to Auriel, as in good riddance

How many times we asked for our daughter back and all the excused the Banks made even after I hired babysitters and bought plane tickets.

How my daughter spoke in my home and stopped speaking in theirs utill I begin my visitations.

How Karen Banks lied in a sworn affidavit that she submitted to Judge Low.

How Scott and Karen Banks lied to Judge Low and told them that we had relinquished our parental rights in witting and that they had those writen statements but never produced them.

How we had five judges in Logan Utah,  How the appeals GAL was advising the civil GAL and told him "the Kirkpatricks will never get a fair trial in Logan Utah, and that the Banks must get psychological evualtations.

How the Bank's attorney told Scott Banks to tell one of our subpoenaed witness NOT TO SHOW up at our trial and the judge ignored it.

How the judge at our trial, when we asked for Visitation during the trial, said loud enough for all to hear, " oh as a good bye time for the Kirkpatricks."

How Judge Taylor refused to read the indictment on the Banks

How Judge Taylor ignored the neglect and abuse of Greg Banks by the Banks,

And of course the dumping and abandonment of Auriel and Ethan,,,even though the Banks repeatedly were flying to Samoa,,never once visited E and A. Never called and did not pay child support.

How Scott Banks lied in his deposition

How Scott Banks and Karen Banks lied in the trial

How Ward members lied in the trial. one saying my daughter was covered from head to toe with bruises and that he did not report it because she was not in his dental chair!

How a child psychologist, was in conflict of interest when he testified.

How when I suggested to the GAL to have my daughter evaluated for sexual abuse, they said it cost too much money..

JUSTICE in UTAH,,fat chance..

Watch for my book

UTAH, BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, can only happen in a Mormon, neglectful and abusive home.

2009 Jan 12