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About one hundred Moldovan children adopted abroad, in 2007


About one hundred Moldovan children adopted abroad, in 2007

May 02, 2008
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About one hundred Moldovan children were adopted abroad, in 2007, Adoption Section Head Eugenia Goncear from the Ministry of Social Protection has said to BASA-press.

Only 15 children of those adopted abroad were somatically healthy, in 2007. “Adoption is one of the most important forms of protection of the orphans. The children from Moldova are proposed for international adoption only in case when they do not find a local family during half a year”.

Most of children that come to be adopted abroad have vivid health problems, according to the quoted source. The statistics show that, in 2007, the number of local adoptions reached 353, among which 180 cases refer to adoption “by the second spouse”.

Children’s protection experts have formerly said the state must elaborate policies to limit the number of international adoptions to avoid the possibilities of children and organs. Currently, the authorities are elaborating a new project regarding the legislation amendment in order to reduce such risks, so that, in the future, all the accredited organizations are involved in the international adoption process.

There are about yen thousand institutionalized children in Moldova, 85% having one of the parents alive, according to official statistics. // BASA-Press

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