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'Hello' misprint claim over donation.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'Hello' misprint claim over donation.

It is claimed by Robin Nydes that a donation of 20.000 pounds which Lisa B was quoted of saying we delivered to Romanian child was in fact a misprint by Hello magazine.

Further in the letter of Mr Nydes it is said that Frodo FRODO has received some funds on behalf of her campaign, those funds are in a segregated account, to be disbursed to charities designated by her. Then in the next paragraph it states that To date, FRODO has not received any donations from Lisa or her campaign to fund it's own operations.

Noting that Lisa has given some personal donation to 2 Romanian charities we find the above not clear. Why go through Frodo and yet give ones self to 2 charities when all could be given by ones self. Also was this part of the 20.000 pound collected we ask?

It would be good if Lisa herself cleared up who got the 20.000 pound donation that she collected, what it was used for and by whom, plus if it was donated to Romanian foundations if the correct procedured for this were followed under Romanian law.

If Hello has made a misprint then we would expect them to apolergise to the charity concerned.

Charity finance is more than often from public donation and it is not in the charities best interest to have grey areas regarding finance in our opinion as people who donate deserve to know honestly were their donation went.

posted by Brian Douglas at 7:53 PM


  • I've bumped into your posting and I'm glad someone else noticed that there is something fishy in Sweden (or is that Denmark?) at Frodos.

    Robin Nydes is using Frodos funds to pay his nanny, Monica Popescu, who appears on the website as a charity administrator. She allegedly has been a journalist in Romania but then went on to be a nanny in France! Now she crossed the Channel to work for Nydes and his wife Tilly Bagshawe who expects again and already has a 2 years old boy.

    Another new addition to Frodos "team" is Michael (I pressume the real name is Mikhail) Coretchi from Republic of Moldova who speaks Romanian and Russian. Actually, Moldavian people speak Moldavian, an archaic form of Romanian, and not modern Romanian. Up until recently they've been using Cyrillics! It is like trying to say that Patois is English.

    I'm curious to know if he is even allowed to be in the UK!

    To people in Romania, he poses as a rich American philantropist; little do they know his real intention is to put his hands on EU money allocated to Romania for infrastructure.

    It is sad that charities in Romania follow Nydes, a "cowboy" in his own profession. He duped Daiwa in believing he will help them from sinking. Not only he didn't save Daiwa but he finally got the sack!

    People like Nydes and the ones surrounding him (Vanessa Cummings, for instance) tarnish the very word charity as we know it in Britain.

    By AnonymousAnonymous, at Thursday, 12 April, 2007

  • Robin Nydes writes, tongue in cheek, on his website that Monica Popescu "will help us grow". He is referring of course to his own children!

    By AnonymousAnonymous, at Thursday, 12 April, 2007

2007 Jan 31