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Vietnam, Belgium Recognize Child Adoption

Vietnam, Belgium Recognize Child Adoption
Vietnam and Belgium have signed an agreement on the adoption of children during the visit of the Chairman of Vietnam's National Assembly, Nguyen Van An, to the foreign country. 
An went to Belgium from March 16-19 as part of his 15-day trip to four European countries. On March 18, he and his entourage visited Antwerp in northwestern Belgium, where they attended the opening ceremony of an honorary consulate office of Vietnam.
After Belgium, the chairman arrived in London before beginning his tour to the UK at the invitation of Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin.
Vietnam has signed agreements on child adoption with several countries including Italy, France, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden, in an effort to facilitate international adoptions. The country has gained judiciary assistance from different agreements signed with 14 other countries.
The Southeast Asian country is taking legislative steps to become an official signatory of the Hague Convention on International Adoption in 2005. Becoming a signatory of the convention, the country can seek cooperation on child adoption with 56 other countries in the world.
Since the government introduced adoption regulations in 1994, more than 16,000 Vietnamese children have been adopted by foreigners.
The Vietnam's Ministry of Justice has licensed 15 child adoption organizations to set up their representative offices in the country. Five are from France, five others from Italy, another three from Sweden and the remaining two from Denmark.
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