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Agencies adopting from Enat Alem

In Adoption_Agency_Research@yahoogroups.com, Carol Bittner
<cab10735@...> wrote:
> also check to see if they are licensed by the ethiopian gov't or if
they are "partnering" with someone else. If "partnering" why not
just go to the agency that has the license. (I do not know if they
are licensed or not. I understood that Ethiopia had suspended issuing
any more license after the multitude that were issued last year).
> Also for anyone contemplating Ethiopian adoption check to see what
orphanage they are placing from. I understand that adoptions from
Enat Alem have been "suspended" and that the orphanage is
under "investigation." MANY agencies are placing from Enat Alem--the
ones I am aware of so far are Illien, Adoption ASSOCIATES, Childrens
HOUSE, Hope, All God's Children. This is not to say that the agency
has done anything wrong. I have no clue. Just that some if not all of
their referrals may have a long wait for home coming (or not) due to
this investigation and that may impact all of their processing times.
> good luck
> carol, mom to 4 lovely girls, 2 from ET home 11/07 via Adoption
ADVOCATES International of WA State (and yes, I would use them again)
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2008 Jan 1