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AWOP Referrals + Kingdom Kids


Message: 806From: carolynb3Received: Mo Okt 13, 2008 7:42
Subject: Re: AWOP Referrals + Kingdom Kids

Well the other problem, from what I have read on another board,  is that KingdomKidskept some of the donations and the intended families never got the money. Carolyn --- In EthiopiaAAR@yahoogroups.com, "hsmom35" <hsmom35@...> wrote:> > What about Kingdom Kids, which is run by the same people as AWOP. I> have never understood how others can make a tax deductable donation to> a single family's adoption. It may be technically legal, but it's> definitely a loophole that goes against the spirit of the law.> > A.> > > > When I spoke about cost I was talking about adopting from Ethiopia> > compared to other countries.  When I speak about turn around time I> > am comparing countries.  I have been in the adoption process for> > almost 4 years and did a huge amount of research.  I had heard of> > AWOP and did not feel comfortable.>

2008 Oct 13