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Karu Orphans Sue For Flexible Adoption Laws


Karu Orphans Sue For Flexible Adoption Laws

Bamun Nii-Veror
December 11th, 2008

Children of the Karu Orphanage Home have called on the Federal Government to make adoption laws flexible to enable intending parents to adopt them faster and quickly.
The children, who spoke to LEADERSHIP during the celebration of the Eid-El-Kabir at Karu, maintained that some of them have outgrown the orphanage home but were yet to be adopted due to the stringent adoption laws.
Abdulkadir Mustapha, one of the children who spoke to our reporter, explained that some of them were actually approached by good Nigerians who wished to adopt them but for the lengthy process involved.
"Those in power should put themselves in our shoes to appreciate what we are talking abou," he posited.
Miss Helen, as she called herself, said she had attained the age of marriage but still live and behaved like kids at home.
She called for good Nigerians to come to their aid by ensuring that they too lived happily like any average Nigerian.
Tobechukwu Eze, also an orphan, said they only imagine living like other children with parents who cater and care for them.
They therefore, called on those in authority to make flexible adoption laws so that they too can have a new lease on life.
But one of the staff of the home, who spoke to our reporter under the condition of anonymity, explained that government had to be strict with the adoption laws because some bad people come under the guise of adopting the children to get children for their ulterior motives .

2008 Dec 11