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: [nchild] Re: Children from Bal Mandir (FEES)

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Re: [nchild] Re: Children from Bal Mandir

I am not so shallow I do not think any monies should
not got o helping the children of Nepal, but Bal
Mandir is not the only orphanage in Nepal. Why should
they get the benefit of a $300.00 "donation" from
every adoption that is processed in Nepal?

I also have a childrens home where my daughter was
processed through with many children who are not
adoptable, why should I not be albe to choose where
that $300 goes? It is a straight up grab for cash
from the officials at Bal Mandir - don't kid yourself.
In the winter of 2004, the conditions at Bal Mandir
were so delporable that 14 small children died. One
donation of $300 could have probably prevented this,
but as I said before, the money trickles up, not down.

My story briefly, I was sent a picture of my daughter
at 18 days old in June of 2005, I left Canada for
Nepal on August 1 and she was handed to me almost as
soon as I got off the plane. She was 2 months old and
I was able to foster here while my paperwork was
completed. I lived in KTM for 7 months until Feb 2006
when I brought my daughter home.

I know many things about this country and this system
because I had the great honour of living in Nepal and
learning and observing how things work. I know my
situation is not the norm, but I did spend enough time
there to know that Bal Mandir is not the bastion of
goodness to children that they purport to be. Be
thankful you got your children out of there. There
are many other organizations that are doing amazing
work on much less money and the children are far
better cared for. I have seen it with my own eyes.
Bal Mandir is supposedly also under the patonage of
the royal princess - I don't think so - where is the
evidence of this?

Anything that can benefit the children directly is the
way to go. Organizations like Bal Mandir will always
do well based on their "extortion" tactics from
adpotive parents having to pay them their "fee".

Look for other ways to support the children of Nepal
and not just those who administer funds up, instead of


--- LullabyB@... wrote:

> I have heard there is a new policy in place that
> $5000 will go to the NCO from all US/Nepal
> adoptions. But it is important to note that the NCO
> runs many children's homes in Nepal... not just Bal
> Mandir. Bal Mandir certainly does not receive $5000
> per allocated child. Anyone who has toured the
> orphanage knows they are in desperate need of many,
> many things.
> I adopted my daughter in September of 2005. Out of
> the $3000 I paid to the lawyer in Nepal (final
> country fee), $1000 was returned to me to be carried
> to Bal Mandir after the adoption was finalized in
> country. It was the "allocation fee" and I was told
> that was the total I paid to the orphanage. I
> believe the other funds went to the lawyer, and to
> NCO to cover the monitoring fees etc.
> Sounds like we don't really know what exactly goes
> to the orphanage. But Brenda, I think it is short
> sighted to say that Bal Mandir needs no fundraising.
> I plan to continue to support the orphanage that
> cared for my daughter for the first 10 months of her
> life. There are many, many children there who are
> not available to be adopted (I think only 3% of the
> children there will be adopted) and those children
> need so many resources.
> Bobbi
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> Subject: [nchild] Re: Children from Bal Mandir
> Actually, the $300.00 goes trips to monitor the
> children. Bal Mandir
> gets $5,000 for each adoption from Americans and
> 3,500$ from
> Europeans. I'm sure that money is needed to care
> for the children
> who live there and are not adopted plus schooling
> etc.
> Monique
> > Dear Cindy,
> >
> > Bal Mandir needs no fundraising efforts. They
> take $300.00 US
> from EVERY adoption that
> > is processed in Nepal regardless of whether they
> facillitated the
> adoption or not. And the
> > monies definitely filter up, not down. Perhaps
> you can think of
> another way to support the
> > children of Nepal.
> >
> > Brenda
> >
> > --- In nchild@yahoogroups.com, Cindy Jackson
> <beechknollamas@>
> wrote:
> > >
> > > Dear nchilders,
> > >
> > > I am looking at ways to keep my son connected
> with his first
> home and also to seek out
> > creative ways to support Bal Mandir.
> > >
> > > I have met several of you who helped give me
> information about
> how Bal Mandir
> > orphange works. It would be nice if we could
> update that since it
> changes and provide it
> > to other families with referrals to children
> there. I was able to
> visit another family's child
> > briefly and give them an update on her growth.
> Something Bal Mandir
> staff doesn't have
> > the time to do.
> > >
> > > I would also like to see if there is interest
> in doing some type
> of fundraising for
> > BalMandir. I noticed some dorm rooms were
> sponsored by groups from
> Europe. For
> > example I would like to see how much it would cost
> to get solar
> heated water to the baby
> > rooms or to get a cook just for the children under
> 3. I'm sure you
> all saw something you'd
> > like to do to improve conditions for the room your
> child came from.
> > >
> > > If anyone would like to brainstorm how this
> might take place
> please e-mail me off list.
> > >
> > >
> > > Cindy
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